Monday, January 4, 2010

10 months

Today you babies are ten months old. I want to tell you to stop growing, but I know it's going to happen anyway. I need new words to say 'I love you,' because I say them so often I'm afraid they'll lose their meaning to you. But you know what? I just LOVE YOU. I really, really do. You both are so much fun right now. I tell you to stop growing, but really, every month is funner than the last. You are silly, funny, and so observant of the world around you. I can't wait to see what new things you discover each day.
You are a great big brother. You have become the leader of your little party of two. Together, you and your sister travel from room to room in the house. Sometimes you chose to crawl on all fours, but for the most part you continue to army crawl. And you're fast! You have two new bottom teeth poking through. I think they are bothering you at night, but you are mostly a very happy boy. Your smile is HUGE and I love how special you make me feel when you give it to me. You love to be silly and make your family laugh. You love to clap. Especially when I'm feeding you in your high chair. And the food goes everywhere when your hand wackes it out. You think this is HILARIOUS. Ha. Ha. You love when your Dad 'gets you.' You start crawling down the hall, then you look back to see if he's going to chase after you and you squeal with delight! You and Ella love your 'activity table' from your big cousin Charli. Your favorite is dancing against it when the music comes on. You make your Dad and I laugh so hard because your dance moves are, ummm, basically thrusting against the table. Silly boy. You are still sleeping in your own bed, in your own room. I simply cannot say it enough, I love you so much sweet boy.

Ella Vita,
You are beautiful. I LOVE seeing you change all the time. You are still independent and strong willed, but you've recently started copying your brother. You clap when he claps, you wave when he waves, you even laugh when he does- but it's a ridiculous fake laugh. That makes me laugh too. You like to blow bubbles and make funny noises. You are a smart girl. You copy me when I say 'da da da,' and then when I say 'ma ma ma.' You LOVE to be naked. Seriously. When I take your clothes off for bath time you squeal and squirm out of my arms. If I let you down, you're off and crawling- so fast!!! You laugh and parade around, 'Look at me! No clothes!' Silly naked girl. You and your brother are finally getting hair, but you are kind of over me putting headbands in. You pull them off and look at me, like, really? A flower? Ok, fine. You love to swing. You love to explore. The minute the front door opens you are outside on the front porch. You look around with urgency, afraid you'll miss something. You still love animals. You love Sadie and like to see the donkeys on our walks. You put everything in your mouth. And you get so mad at me when I try to take it out. Sorry sweets, rocks aren't for babies. You don't have any teeth yet but I imagine they are coming any day now. You are incredible and I thank God for you and Maxwell. This family loves you both so very, very much.


GMA Judie said...

Hey...Daddy's a pretty good crawler too!
You are so right about every day there is something new and funnier than the day before.
I love your letters to Max and Ella. Someday they can read them to their babies. Okay.....that's kind of a jump ahead. At any rate, the letters are a beautiful expression of your love for them.

joybells said...

That is so sweet. I can't believe how big they are already. They have a great laugh