Monday, October 29, 2012

Tink And Buzz

Last night we went to a 'Trunk or Treat' at the church next door. I watched my 3 year olds collect candy and play carnival games like big kids. Ella was the leader with Maxwell following shyly behind her. On Wednesday we are going to meet Mike in Monterey and let the kids do Halloween there.

How amazing are these costumes that my mother in law made? After she did such a good job with their outfits last year, I asked for her help again. Judie hand made almost every part of these. The kids were so proud to be Tinkerbell and Buzz Light Year. Thanks Judie!

Here's a look at our Halloween decorations this year. It's a little tacky but  fun. I'm obsessed with printing out engineer prints at Staples. For $2.99 I blew old photos up and cut them out to decorate. Michael and Little Maeg are the in middle as the scarecrow and Dorothy. You can see our hand made crafts thrown in :)

For 70 cents I printed this out as an 11 x 14 on card stock at Staples and threw it in a frame (found image free on pinterest)

That's it. Can't believe winter's right around the corner. We're still in flip flops and shorts. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Friday


This will probably go down as my favorite Halloween photo ever. I'll take any excuse to show off the little monsters. Happy Friday and happy weekend!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Missing Mike

Mike's working out of town again. He leaves early Monday morning and gets home Thursday night. It's only week two of this schedule and I have to say...we miss him. We had such a good summer and got into our perfect routine of family nights by the BBQ. I'll never complain that he has work, and this job's good for the bills, we just miss him. And in this house, Thursday's the new Friday.


Monday, October 22, 2012

A Message Of Love

Maegann and Michael's Mom posted this video and when I saw it I immediately wanted to share it. I don't get political often, but for me this isn't a debate.  It's more of a reminder of...I don't know...the Golden Rule.

I get that many people don't support same sex romantic relationships. Maybe it's because they haven't walked it with people they know. People they love. And that's all this it really is, a message of love. For me, watching this is not about a proposition or an argument, it's just a glimpse into real life. And this truly is REAL LIFE FOR SO MANY PEOPLE.

I have to believe that some people just have not 'gone there' within themselves and they haven't fully opened their hearts and minds to think about it. It might be uncomfortable or confusing, but's not. Or maybe for some it always is, but then it becomes more than that. Ultimately, it's just different. If this is how you feel, I'm asking you to watch this. To imagine that these people are your kids, or your best friends, and really try to process how life would be for them. And how you would support them.

In many areas of life, I'm learning that my perspective is small and I'm challenging myself to 'walk a mile in someone else's' shoes.' And I still have a long way to go. But this issue, equality for all, equality for gay people, isn't hard for me. Because it's a message of love. And when I watch this video I feel a combination of heartbreak and hope. But mostly hope, because things have got to change.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Say Uncle

My brothers stopped by for a visit yesterday. My kids are so loved it's ridiculous.


Monday, October 15, 2012

When Best Friends Visit

Molly came to visit over the weekend. I was sooo excited before/during/after her visit. The only thing missing was our other girls. Because even though our visits are amazing with each other, we can't help but think of the rest of us.

When one of your best friend visits, AND your kids play together, it's close to perfection, because...

Your daughters are playing together! This is something we planned out when we were 18 years old in the APU library when we were supposed to be studying. "We'll marry guys that are best friends so we can hang out everyday, then we'll have our dream jobs, and our kids will be best friends..."...

But we don't really live next door. And we don't really see each other even close to everyday. But when we do hang out, and our kids really do love each other like we knew they would- hearts melt in Atascadero. Sure there was a 24 hour flu with vomit everywhere, a baby with a ginormous bruise from four immunization shots, and a swollen foot from a bee sting, but hey, that's just kids. Right?

Our girls. Just playing a little dollhouse in Ella's almost done room.

The Mamas. (We're smiling because we're happy, AND because we just finally put the kids down).

A Gap Ad? I know. Beautiful Mom and beautiful kids.

Vienna. Or you can call her gorgeous, your choice. 

Baby Ben. Whose family doesn't really think he's a baby anymore, but anyone under the age of 3 at my house is called 'baby,' ...because we love babies. And because he's the cutest thing ever.

My girl. And Moll's girl. And I swoon because this is what I dreamed of.

And then the boys...ahhhh, our boys!!!

And for the closer, there they are. (Side note: what is it with barbies always being naked? Maybe they could just sell them naked and they'd be cheaper?)
Pics from the rest of the weekend...poor Ella got her first bee sting. But a camera arrived and I was all smiles and forced my poor kids to pose...

I think this is where I heard V and Ella say, "Wait, should we get one for Isabella and Hadley?"

And then Ben was like, "I got one for Griffin." 

And clearly, Maxwell chose the perfect for Keenan, because it was his birthday!

And a special thank you to my husband for being that husband.  He watched all four kids for us one morning. He cooked for us two nights in a row. And he was just...good to me. And that made me happy.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy When Skies Are Gray

They make me happy when skies are gray.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Birthday

I always love you, but lately, I really love you. Thanks for making life good for our family. Some of my favorite things you do:

- When you start the water for Maxwell when he insists on 6 am showers
- When you balance the checkbook and do other scary adult things for me
- When I hear you brag to friends about our older kids
- When you take me on golf dates, "A happy life is a happy wife"
- When you play catch with the kids
- When you take the kids to work with you
- When you BBQ the best dinners for us
- When you tell me I'm beautiful, even when I don't feel it
- When you tell me and anyone who will listen that all you really care about is us, your family

Happy Birthday handsome.

Um, hello Top Gun