Monday, October 1, 2012

Cousins and Pumpkins

Avila Valley Barn in October is my favorite place for pictures. So I'm sure this is only our first set of pumpkin pics. On Saturday we packed a picnic and let the cousins explore the farm. There was a big hay maze that they begged to go in again and again. And again and again. Thankfully, Camryn was a patient cousin and took them because just looking at it made me claustrophobic.

For being such a summer girl, I'm over it. My car temp yesterday told me that it was 101. Today's supposed to be hotter than yesterday. I'm dreaming of hot chocolate and scarves. Tall boots and scented candles. Leaves and brisk mornings. It'll come, and then I'll miss our warm nights. So for now, we'll fake fall with trips to the barn and tractor rides. 


Afternoon picnic.

Afternoon mischief.

Come on guys...get together...

Grandma bought them their first pumpkin of the season. 

Here's to faking fall~


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I'll bottle up some cold air and send it to you. :-)

Beautiful kids!! I need to get my butt to a pumpkin patch!

Cristine said...

Yes Megs this is just the beginning of fun fall gatherings at Avila Barn!! All the cousins look so happy and Gma Judie too!