Monday, October 1, 2012

Ella's Room, In Progress

Mike's bringing my vision of Ella's room to life. I love how the paint color turned out. The pretty, pale gray is such a contrast to the chocolate walls that were there before (the color is Sherwin Williams, Front Porch). The window seat looks so nice! He's just about done, then we work on putting everything back in. I looked at fabric yesterday for a seat cushion. It'll all come together soon :)

Mike's helpers.

Just like Daddy, a headlamp and safety goggles.

The detail up close looks really'll see when it's all done. Mike even put in the hinges that don't slam, it's so nice!


Bethany Hurwitz said...

Will you ship Mike to Pittsburgh? I need one of those! I cannot wait to see the whole room when it's done...maybe I'll wait to do it person! :D

Cristine said...

Nice work Mike...I see many happy, thoughtful moments for Ella as she enjoys her window seat!!