Monday, October 22, 2012

A Message Of Love

Maegann and Michael's Mom posted this video and when I saw it I immediately wanted to share it. I don't get political often, but for me this isn't a debate.  It's more of a reminder of...I don't know...the Golden Rule.

I get that many people don't support same sex romantic relationships. Maybe it's because they haven't walked it with people they know. People they love. And that's all this it really is, a message of love. For me, watching this is not about a proposition or an argument, it's just a glimpse into real life. And this truly is REAL LIFE FOR SO MANY PEOPLE.

I have to believe that some people just have not 'gone there' within themselves and they haven't fully opened their hearts and minds to think about it. It might be uncomfortable or confusing, but's not. Or maybe for some it always is, but then it becomes more than that. Ultimately, it's just different. If this is how you feel, I'm asking you to watch this. To imagine that these people are your kids, or your best friends, and really try to process how life would be for them. And how you would support them.

In many areas of life, I'm learning that my perspective is small and I'm challenging myself to 'walk a mile in someone else's' shoes.' And I still have a long way to go. But this issue, equality for all, equality for gay people, isn't hard for me. Because it's a message of love. And when I watch this video I feel a combination of heartbreak and hope. But mostly hope, because things have got to change.


Michael said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing. I love you.

Jennifer said...

I'm waiting in my car trying to kill some time. Playing with my phone and thinking about Halloween. I come to your blog to see if you've posted costume pictures yet and of course you have and they are too cute for words. Maxwell reminds me of Chandler when he was Buzz one year and Ella looks like the real life Cupie doll version of Tink! She is beautiful..
Anyways, so I scroll down to this video and it makes me happy to see that you've posted it. Of course I have to watch it again (for the 20th time)! Now I'am crying... A lot. I've been having an emotional day anyways and this just topped it off. I cry every time I see this because I can actually feel their words. You know how passionate I'am about people understanding and respecting this love. Soo... I'm crying in the Trader Joes parking lot but this time it's not because of the video. I'm crying because I'am thankful. I'am thankful for you! I'am thankful that you have unconditionally loved my kids! I'am thankful that they have you to go to when they cannot come to me. I know that whatever advice you have to give comes from love! You have taught me how to be a better Steppie than I ever could have been. I admire your strength in your faith and it amazes me to see you be so accepting and supportive of someone we both Love no matter what your peers may think or say. I just wanted you to know how thankful we are to have you in our lives! You've been a true gift!
..... Now I must go buy groceries with these red puffy eyes ;0)