Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Husband Loves Me

Lately I have been feeling a little lot down about my weight. Clearly not enough to do anything about it, but I think about it everyday. If you know me in real life, you have seen me get heavier. If you know me through blogging, you have seen selective/cropped pictures. I've never been huge, but I have been conscious of my weight my whole life. I go up and down and most days I don't care. Until I get to a point where I do. And I'm almost there. But this post is about something that my husband said to me last week. We were having a little fun during nap time, wink wink, and I said something about being uncomfortable with how I look. Mike shook his head.

"Sexy isn't about weight. It's about your attitude and who you are. And I promise you, you're sexy." Melt. Thanks Mike for loving me when I'm up and when I'm down.

Monday, July 25, 2011

It Just Keeps Changing

It's funny how I thought they were into everything then...

I guess it all just keeps changing. What I would do for one day with these little babies! I think I kissed them a thousand times a day. But who am I kidding? I still do. And now they kiss me back.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ball Game

I love two year olds. Crazy as they are, they make everything funny. We went to a local baseball game last night. Ella went onto the field with big kids for the 'footloose frenzy,' where all the kids shoes were mixed together and they had to find their shoe and run back across the field (she got shy once she was down there, but she did a short dash by herself). Maxwell got a foul ball in the parking lot as we were on our way to the truck to go home. It was a good night.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tea With William and Kate

My beautiful Aunt Gloria is  visiting from Boston with my cousin Nora. Whenever she is in town she makes grand and fabulous plans. This year she hosted a tea and hat party at my Nana's house. Here's a snipit of the invite:

In honor of William and Kate’s
recent nuptials, hats are de
rigueur (To be precise, like the
English, anything you can get to
stay on your head will do.) Oh,
and gloves would be lovely, too!
And jewels! Did I mention to
wear your sparklies?

Ella and I drove with my Mom. I think it was the first time we had the three of us together, just us girl. It was a perfect day. Each of us were greeted by the royal couple and the paparazzi were everywhere.


Aren't my cousins stunning? They look like debutantes.

Ella and I snuck away for a bit.

I watched my daughter look wide eyed into the big mirror in Nana's bathroom as each of us Maxwell girls have done for generations. Ella played with Nana's jewels and smelled the beautiful perfume bottles while I sat there like a sappy mess realizing my baby is already growing up.

Bummer! I uploaded this clip because Aunt Gloria is making a toast and she is hilarious. For some reason my computer isn't recognizing the volume, even when I try it without the music :(

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For The Baby Book: Twenty Eight Months

Maxwell and Ella,
You are twenty eight months old and you are so big and so smart! Some days are long, but every day you make me smile. You adore your grandparents and family. So many people love you. Here are some things I want to remember.

Maxwell: You are obsessed with your Brobee shoes. You cry when you have to wear anything else. We lost one of your Vans for about a week...but this morning you found it! You love to be like your Daddy. You wear Daddy's headlamp and break into his toolbox.You lye under his truck (like you've seen him do) and you work away with your ratchet. I am so proud of the way you encourage your sister. When Ella learned to peddle her tricycle, you sat down and watched her ride. As she past you doing circles around the driveway you gave her thumbs up and yelled "Great job Ella!" (pretty much the cutest things I've ever seen). You are very smart. You can recognize the whole alphabet and love to spell your name aloud, "MAX!" You want to drink a gallon of milk a day. If I ask "What do you want to do today?" you usually say "museum!" You are a very tough boy. You're often too rough with your sister but we're working on that. Yesterday I heard you talking during nap time and I finally went in your room. You had taken off all your clothes and peed on everything. You crazy kid. Keep those pants on! You have a big, big heart and you love your family. We LOVE you big boy.

Ella Vita: You are a sweet, sweet girl. You still love to cuddle and you are a very good mommy to your babies. You like to line up Eeyore, Baby, and Barbie. You put a blanket over all of them, and if no one is listening you sing them a melody of Twinkle Twinkle/ABC's/Old MacDonald. You like to pick out your own clothes and clips (I'm so happy you keep a clip in your hair, I'm working on pig tails). You love Maxwell so much- even after he hits you, you stand outside his door and call to him while he's in timeout. When you two are looking sneaky I ask what you're doing and you tell me "Teamwork!" You are a water bug. You love to chase the waves at the beach. We went swimming at the Borbas on the fourth of July and you swam all by yourself with the big kids in your floaty suit. You were such a brave girl! You are an animal lover, you love to play with Sadie and sissy's dog Kaia. You are still an eater. Every morning you wake up and ask for string cheese, silly girl. You love to wear my bracelets and necklaces. This weekend you and I get to go to a fancy tea at Nana's house. I can't wait to see you dressed up with all your Aunties and Cousins. We love you Vita.

Your Favorite Places To Go:
The Beach
Children's Museum
Avila Valley Barn
Grandma Judie's
Nonni and Papa John's
'Yeyee's House' (Elli's house, Borbas)

Favorite Shows/Movies:
Mickey, Gabba, Wubbzy, Dora. Peppa Pig
Toy Story, Peter Pan, Pinochio, Ice Age, Monster's Inc.

Favorite Treats:
Pa Pies (french fries), Popsicle, Pirates Booty

Video of you two playing blocks together, one of your favorite things to do. Max, you are talking with a bossy voice to Ella at the beginning and she tells you it's too loud and it hurts her ears.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

By The Sea

It's been in the 100s around here so we've been lazy in the AC. Yesterday afternoon Mike was home from work so we took the kids to the beach to cool off. We didn't bring suits but we could have. Maxwell  and Ella at the beach = a perfect afternoon.

Mike loves having his picture taken.