Monday, July 18, 2011

Tea With William and Kate

My beautiful Aunt Gloria is  visiting from Boston with my cousin Nora. Whenever she is in town she makes grand and fabulous plans. This year she hosted a tea and hat party at my Nana's house. Here's a snipit of the invite:

In honor of William and Kate’s
recent nuptials, hats are de
rigueur (To be precise, like the
English, anything you can get to
stay on your head will do.) Oh,
and gloves would be lovely, too!
And jewels! Did I mention to
wear your sparklies?

Ella and I drove with my Mom. I think it was the first time we had the three of us together, just us girl. It was a perfect day. Each of us were greeted by the royal couple and the paparazzi were everywhere.


Aren't my cousins stunning? They look like debutantes.

Ella and I snuck away for a bit.

I watched my daughter look wide eyed into the big mirror in Nana's bathroom as each of us Maxwell girls have done for generations. Ella played with Nana's jewels and smelled the beautiful perfume bottles while I sat there like a sappy mess realizing my baby is already growing up.

Bummer! I uploaded this clip because Aunt Gloria is making a toast and she is hilarious. For some reason my computer isn't recognizing the volume, even when I try it without the music :(


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

What a fun party!! Ella is so pretty and the life size cut-outs are hilarious. Thanks for sharing these pics!

Bethany said...

So fun!!! I am so bummed to miss out on this!!!! Loved all the pics :)

Cristine said...

Yes Meghan Aunt Gloria always does bring us new adventures when she comes to visit...but inviting William and Kate, she really outdid herself!!
Thank you Gloria and Mom it was a fabulous event.
I believe Ella completely enjoyed being a 'girly-girl' for the day!

~j~ said...

that is absolutely fabulous! True M family style! So sad to have missed this incredible fete!
As a grafted member of this family I too gawked and drooled over Nana's vast array of girly goodness and still shudder at those incredible mirrors (which we affectionatley called the bathroom of truth!) that revealed every nook and cranny and zit on our teenage faces.
Aunt S will back me up on that one!!