Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday we spent the afternoon playing in favorite. I especially wanted to post these pics because I just found out that I was using an older version of blogger editor. I didn't know that there was an easier way to post large pictures and edit posts. If you use blogger, you probably already know this, but to update just go into your settings tab, then global update editor. So easy.



We played with our adorable friend Landrie. She gave us some pointers on walking and chasing birds.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Steps

Here's a sneak peak of their first steps...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I think they're finally well :)

Later in the day, big sister Maegann styled Ella in her first pigtails. When I was pregnant I remember dreaming about what the babies would look like. The only time I could ever picture Ella, she was about two years old running outside with little pigtails. Now she's almost there. They are growing so fast...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Feeling Old

I'm actually not old. I'm 29. 30 is around the corner, but so what? My husband is 13 years older than I am so really, I should always feel young. It's just that the past year has aged me. Inside and out. And even though it doesn't really matter...some of it kinda sucks.

1. I am getting gray hair. Not one or two, but many. If you didn't look closely you probably wouldn't be able to tell. But on the days I do look, there are many.
2. I am more comfortable in higher waisted jeans/pants/shorts. YUCK. It's not because I've found cute stylish ones (I realize they are in fashion now), but it's because I am constantly trying to cover my post babies tummy. Apparently I tug my jeans up compulsively, without realizing it. It was brought to my attention when my 19 year old stepdaughter told me that it always looks like I always have camel toe. Again, YUCK.
3. Similar to #2, I am trying to find a bathing suit. Goal: flattering suit to completely disguise tummy, lift boobs, elongate legs/arms, and still make me feel cute and youngish. Even slightly sexy. Suits matching this description come with a skirt and the option solid stripes or Hawaiian print.

On the plus side, I still get carded when I buy beer. That's gotta count for something, right?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things Are Bound to Get Better

So, awhile back when I said we were having a good couple of days and we were all healthy...false alarm. These poor kiddos have been sick for so long. I don't know if they keep giving it back and forth or if they are getting it from other people, but somethings gotta give. We are on our third antibiotic and you know what they say, third time's a charm? I haven't blogged much because

a. Haven't had time with two sick ones.
b. Too tired at night.
c. Not much to say. Boogers. Fever. Cough. Not too exciting.

Whatever they had has turned into a yucky cough and wheezing. I feel like people think I'm that crazy Mom who thinks her kids are always sick. Or even worse, that psycho mom who keeps her kids sick...remember that lady in the movie The Sixth Sense? Why would I think that? Because they have been sick for SIX WEEKS and I'm going slightly crazy. Anyway, this week I felt like we would just wait out whatever this sickness is and pray that we are almost over the last of it. Until Ella started coughing yesterday. For over 45 minutes she coughed and wheezed hard and I didn't know how to help her. I took her to the urgent care and a nice, elderly (like, seriously old) doctor helped us. He looked at her ears and Ella still has a double ear infection. As I held her against me I felt her little body huffing and puffing, though the coughing had stopped. He listened to her lungs and with a smile he told me, "Well I just don't hear a thing." At which point I wanted smash the stethoscope over his head and ask if he was @#$*@&! kidding me. Instead I explained that I could hear her right then and I was concerned with what I should do if she started coughing for another long stretch. To be honest, I couldn't really understand what he said. I realize that's the time that you ask questions and advocate for your child. But this was all happening as Maxwell was screaming in the stroller and Ella started to cry/moan/wheeze. We had been waiting for two hours and at this point we were all done. Anyway, I called my pediatrician and yada yada yada I feel OK with our new dose of antibiotics. The point of this post is just to say...this is why I haven't been posting. I feel like I would either write to complain, or sound like a martyr 'poor us.' Not too exciting to read about.

I also realize that although we have had a rough month, this will pass. Many families struggle with much worse. Our kids do not have cancer. They are not disabled. They are not in the hospital. We are OK and soon enough this will be over. I am so thankful for our overall health. Maxwell and Ella are not miserable all day everyday. They have bouts of smiles and playing. This morning I took the camera out and this is a typical morning around here when they are feeling alright.

Points of interest in these photos: Yes, I know Ella has a mullet. I'm not sure how to handle it so I cleverly tried to disguise it with a headband. Which lasted two minutes longer than I thought it would.
Both kids know exactly what to do with Kleenex and the thermometer.
I think it's adorable that they kiss each other, but we are working on close mouthed kisses.
As always, please ignore the annoying mommy voice in the videos. It's a habit I just can't break.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


To my mother and to my mother-in-law...thank you. I love you both. You have made this year easier for me, as you've helped me so I could help my babies. I am blessed by both of you in different ways. Thank you for taking care of me and my family. Happy Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grand Parents

I think it's an extraordinary gift that Maxwell and Ella have great-grandparents in their lives. I grew up with very special relationships with each of my grandparents and I have memories with one of my great-grandmothers. Watching my kids be loved by other people is so moving its ridiculous. We went to visit my grandparents, Nana and Papa, in Santa Barbara last week. During our visit Maxwell found a ball and started playing catch with Papa = my heart melted on the floor.

My kids are already sharing such special moments with their grandparents.

I love how Maxwell is throwing the ball to Papa but looking adoringly at Nana.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

14 Months

Happy 14 months Maxwell and Ella! You've spent the last two weeks feeling yucky and sick. High fevers and ear infections sum up the happenings around here. I hate seeing you feel so bad...I'm ready to have my happy babies back! This morning things are looking brighter. Everyone slept well last night and your smiles made me run for the camera. Here's to a healthy month 14. Love, love, love you~

Best Surprise Ever

Last weekend one of my best friends came to visit. Molly, John, and their ADORABLE daughter Vienna came for a quick overnight stay. Maxwell and Ella have both been sick, again...for so long...but having company in our house was refreshing. It's hilarious how 90% of what Molly and I talked about was the kids. But we also got to laugh and play remember when, talking about college and the 'good old days.' All I can say is...come back. Soon. We love your family.

Molly and I were trying to get them to smile by dancing and making silly faces. They all just looked at us like, really?
V has the cutest face ever. I think Maxwell wants her to be his girl.