Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Best Surprise Ever

Last weekend one of my best friends came to visit. Molly, John, and their ADORABLE daughter Vienna came for a quick overnight stay. Maxwell and Ella have both been sick, again...for so long...but having company in our house was refreshing. It's hilarious how 90% of what Molly and I talked about was the kids. But we also got to laugh and play remember when, talking about college and the 'good old days.' All I can say is...come back. Soon. We love your family.

Molly and I were trying to get them to smile by dancing and making silly faces. They all just looked at us like, really?
V has the cutest face ever. I think Maxwell wants her to be his girl.


Mrs. Beer said...

the cuteness is overwhelming..

~j~ said...

oh my gosh... you and Molly with babies! simply glorious. So glad that you girls got to share that part of your lives!

Molly Swanson said...

Megs, we had so much fun with you guys. thank you so much for letting us stay and hopefully we will see you all soon. i miss those babies already!

Judie said...

What cute pictures of the three babies. Glad you all had fun.