Monday, July 30, 2012



Maxwell went golfing with Daddy and we spent the afternoon together, just us girls. We spread out our big towel and played in our driveway until the sun went down. You played dollhouse, drew with chalk, and showed me tricks on your bike. Watching you play 'pretend' is my favorite.

I'm so, so, happy God gave you to me. I love being your Mommy and I love spending time with you, my sweet girl.

 Love, Your Mama


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Something's Missing...

...can you tell what it is? It's my boys hair. Mike took the kids to run errands one day this weekend.  Maxwell came back with a buzz. It wasn't a big shock, Mike's been saying he's going to take him for a couple months and I really didn't care either way. I actually love a shaved head on guys. And Maxwell has thick hair that goes into a crazy wave if I don't wet it every morning. But when he ran into the house to show me his new do, I couldn't help but frown a little inside because he looks so old.

Parents say it all the time, but they are growing too fast. Their little bodies are lean and strong. Their minds are independent and clever. And I can't help feeling a smidge of sadness that I only got to do it once. I wouldn't trade twins for the world, but the baby phase goes so fast, and now it's done. Of course there are great things to come. But that part is done.

So this afternoon I watch my big boy chase bugs with his bow and arrow and my girl flip through magazines.


This is not posed. Ella loves getting the mail. If anything comes that will remotely pass as kid mail, I tell her it was meant for her. Today it's Pottery Barn Kids. One of her favorites. She spent at least a half hour in her lawn chair, flipping through various rooms and paint colors. 

"Which one do you like Mom?" 
I point to the cream room with vibrant blue accents.
"Hmmm. Me too," she says. 
 Girl's got good taste. 

 I can't mourn their growing up, or I'll miss what's happening now. And this is pretty amazing too. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dress Up

A couple months ago we were at my friend Amy's house and the kids played dress up. Amy started getting into photography this year, and I love when she asks if she can use my kids for shoots...ummmm...yes! She was taking a few shots for this etsy shop. She dolled Ella up in fun head pieces, then Maxwell looked like he wanted in too. He was wearing random plaid shorts and she dug out a tie and suspenders. I was standing behind her making 'smile big' faces, a few times I got way to into it and had to remind myself this is not Toddlers and Tiaras. Anyway, I couldn't just pick one or two. Here was our day of dress up. Thanks Amy!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Road Trip = Success

Last week my Mom and I drove with Maxwell and Ella to visit my grandma, Blano, in New Mexico. We drove pretty much straight through from California, about 15 hours each way. And the kids did AMAZING. No joke, they barely made a peep on the drive. No meltdowns, no accidents, no tears. They were so, so, good. If you are considering buying a DVD player for a long vote is YES.

We had such a special time. Maxwell and Ella loved being with their great grandma. I loved being with my Mom and my grandma. It was smiles all around. Thank you Mom and Blano for the special week. I will remember it always. And of course, a video to remind the kids.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Trip!

What's been happening around here...we had a great last weekend. Mike and I had a much needed date afternoon/night at the golf course, then we spend Saturday at the lake. Sunday we finally celebrated little Maegann's 21 birthday (she may be getting older, but she'll always be Lil Maeg).

Then came this week, nothing out of the ordinary until- A SPUR OF THE MOMENT TRIP was planned! My Mom and I are driving to New Mexico to visit my grandma (who I call Blano). We are leaving Sunday and will be back Friday. Mike and I have been trying to make this trip happen for about a year, but he can't take the time off work to come too. On top of this trip, I am going on my annual trip with my best friends to Seattle in only a couple of weeks. AND, Mike is trying to plan a trip to take Maegann to visit Michael in New York. That's why he works all the time, to make this happen for us. Just wish one of our trips was us together :(

So, in three days we set off on a 14ish hour trip with two three year olds. That's with no stops. I got on Pinterest this morning and started looking at ideas for road trips with toddlers. There were lots of good ones. Like making felt boards and I SPY books. But honestly? I'm pretty sure I'm banking 90% of our success on the DVD player and the 20 movies I'm going to rent from the library.

Last night we watched fireworks at the beach. I stole Maeg's pictures of Facebook.

And...I've been a little blue. And I hate it. And I don't want to talk about it. Just send a happy prayer my way. I believe they work.