Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Post Where I Sound Like Eeyore.

I have about five minutes of quiet and lots swirling around in my head. I woke up grouchy and sensitive. Not sure why. Thinking about these things:
- I can't stand when my kids argue. I haven't found a good reward or punishment for this one. They are the best of buds but they also drive each other  me crazy with taunting and pestering each other. The whining is beyond irritating.
- It seems like every one's pregnant. And I'm OK with not having more kids. But I feel a little pang of...I don't know what when I see baby bumps. Jealousy I guess. Which is ugly.
- On the topic of babies, all of the sudden my children loathe them. Which is equally embarrassing and devastating to me. My neighbor with a one year old came over for the first time the other day and the kids raced out of their rooms and proudly yelled, 'EWWW! A baby! We don't like babies, they're soooo gross.' Cue me melting into a humiliated puddle on the floor. This isn't just Maxwell, it's Ella too. What? How? And to make it worse, Ella no longer plays with her baby dolls and while searching for Christmas treasures in the Target catalog she CROSSED OUT the pictures of dolls. To make the whole thing even more disgusting, she prefers dogs. Little, long haired lap dogs. Excuse me while I throw up. She has channeled every maternal instinct into her obsession of tiny dogs. Any encounter with them triggers sugary baby talk in which she crouches down and puckers her lips while she says she 'woves the yiddle cootie wootie.' It's sickening.
-Every day is a battle to brush her hair. It's tangled into a knot 75% of the time. I take back every silent judgement I passed on little girls with messy hair. I always assumed this was a reflection of bad hygiene. In our case, Ella can be clean as a whistle but her hair is just a bitch to brush. Then she yells at me. And I use my fake nice voice but I'm pretty much yelling back at her. It's SUPER fun. So in an hour we are going to get it cut.
- Maxwell is really smart and I feel like I should be challenging him more. He loves math and I should be intentional about coming up with number games and challenges for him. I'm not.
- I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and all I really want to do is order pizza.
- I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and it will actually be fine.

 I woke up on the wrong side of the bed ;) If I think about it, I'll take pictures of Ella's first hair cut to blog. Otherwise, it's sure to make it's way on instagram. Follow along there if you'd like (I'm meghanelainebeck) where I'm usually a half glass full type of girl.