Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So Big

We used to take your pudgy hands in ours. 'How big is Ella? How big is Maxwell?' You'd squeal and kick your feet as we raised your arms high, 'SO BIG!.' And then all of the sudden you were you are. So big.

Sometimes I forget that you used to need me for everything. This morning after bath time I watched you get yourselves ready. And I thanked God again and again that he gave us two. Because two is incredible.

Ella, you love to dress up and talk away on your cell phone (play phone). You sing lullabies to your babies and you read stories to your family. You are smart and inquisitive. You ask me 'why?' 13,847 times a day. And then you really listen when I answer. I love your imagination.

Maxwell you make us laugh and smile all day long. Your make any game silly and you are such a good big brother. You definitely know what you want. You aren't really into the electric Jeep Santa brought you (which I just KNEW you would love). Instead, you go straight for the real deal. You ride the quad around the yard like a really big kid. And I can hardly take it. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Life

Mike has been working in town again so we're enjoying seeing a lot more of him. Sometimes we'll take him lunch when he's on the job. Like this day...where we ate lunch together then took pictures in the clients yard. Nothing but professional.

This picture captures them completely. Maxwell throws out his goofiest face while Ella strikes a pose with bended knee.

We have reoccurring visits from adorable super heroes. Boy in blue's choice weapon is always some sort of tool. Pink usually arrives in a tea hat.

Channeling Papa John's musical influence, backyard concerts are another favorite.

The music is usually interrupted with an impromptu dance sesh where Ella twirls and Maxwell and makes some silly move that always ends up with him falling on the ground and rolling his eyes.

This is a good life.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


For My Little Valentines (a few days early),
Maxwell and Ella, you make me so, so happy. My heart is full of joy and hope for you. It is a privilege to share our days together. I LOVE being your Mommy.

My wonderful friend Amy took pictures for me on one of our play dates and I used this photo to make Valentines for M & E's little buddies. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Weekend Away

I spent Friday-Sunday on an adventure with myself. I vacationed with my stepson Michael in West Hollywood.

Highlights along the way:

- Packing and traveling for ONE.
- Lunch with my brother David in Santa Barbara.
- A dinner party with Michael's great friends.
- A night on the town in Hollywood.
- Lunch and shopping with my bestie Molly.
- An afternoon on the couch with Bridesmaids (which I have been wanting to see since it was in theaters). 
 Then Michael's hand picked favorite episodes of Oprah, taken from his beloved 40th anniversary special.
- Long talks and laughs with Michal and Justin.
- Yummy Margaritas and Mexican food.
- ...all followed by the uncontrollable urge to jump in my car and speed home to wrap my arms around my babies who, by then, I physically missed beyond reason.

Coming home is always a little weird. I jumped out of my car and snatched M & E up in a suffocating hug. They smiled, gave me kisses, then went back to riding bikes. There is always a period when I've been gone that I kind of have to sit back like an outsider.

'Um, are you guys hungry?'
'Nope, Daddy just made us eggs.'
'Oh, OK.'

Do they need a potty break? Are they going to be ready for a nap? I kind of feel like an outsider. And then I wonder if this is how Mike feels when he gets home from work every day. We've been going along, doing our thing, and we all stop for a quick kiss, then go back to our routine. Truth is, life functions without me. In fact, it's gone quite well. Which is what I want. Max and Ella have been with their Dad, not a babysitter. But still...it's just always a little weird when I've been gone, then I come back.

As always, time away filled my tank gave me a thankful heart. I had a fantastic weekend. I played, rested and then I missed home. Thank you Michael for being a wonderful host. I love you. Thank you Mike giving me a weekend to myself. I love you.

Now back to reality!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was looking at pictures on my computer this morning and came across these two of my Grandpa. He passed away when I was in college. I think of him often and these pictures make me smile. I wish he could have known Mike and my children. Love you Grandpa.