Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Life

Mike has been working in town again so we're enjoying seeing a lot more of him. Sometimes we'll take him lunch when he's on the job. Like this day...where we ate lunch together then took pictures in the clients yard. Nothing but professional.

This picture captures them completely. Maxwell throws out his goofiest face while Ella strikes a pose with bended knee.

We have reoccurring visits from adorable super heroes. Boy in blue's choice weapon is always some sort of tool. Pink usually arrives in a tea hat.

Channeling Papa John's musical influence, backyard concerts are another favorite.

The music is usually interrupted with an impromptu dance sesh where Ella twirls and Maxwell and makes some silly move that always ends up with him falling on the ground and rolling his eyes.

This is a good life.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

They are SO CUTE!! I love their poses.

Cristine said...

What adorable goofballs those two are!! Love how they decoraged the back of their capes.

bethany said...

our kids would have so much fun together. these are all p's favorite things too! tho now she's asking for a "reeeeeelly real" electric guitar. ok, now i want to see a pic of your kids with the capes on and the musical instruments in hand, maybe a little eye liner?

rozanny said...

I love her pink cape! So cute!