Monday, February 6, 2012

A Weekend Away

I spent Friday-Sunday on an adventure with myself. I vacationed with my stepson Michael in West Hollywood.

Highlights along the way:

- Packing and traveling for ONE.
- Lunch with my brother David in Santa Barbara.
- A dinner party with Michael's great friends.
- A night on the town in Hollywood.
- Lunch and shopping with my bestie Molly.
- An afternoon on the couch with Bridesmaids (which I have been wanting to see since it was in theaters). 
 Then Michael's hand picked favorite episodes of Oprah, taken from his beloved 40th anniversary special.
- Long talks and laughs with Michal and Justin.
- Yummy Margaritas and Mexican food.
- ...all followed by the uncontrollable urge to jump in my car and speed home to wrap my arms around my babies who, by then, I physically missed beyond reason.

Coming home is always a little weird. I jumped out of my car and snatched M & E up in a suffocating hug. They smiled, gave me kisses, then went back to riding bikes. There is always a period when I've been gone that I kind of have to sit back like an outsider.

'Um, are you guys hungry?'
'Nope, Daddy just made us eggs.'
'Oh, OK.'

Do they need a potty break? Are they going to be ready for a nap? I kind of feel like an outsider. And then I wonder if this is how Mike feels when he gets home from work every day. We've been going along, doing our thing, and we all stop for a quick kiss, then go back to our routine. Truth is, life functions without me. In fact, it's gone quite well. Which is what I want. Max and Ella have been with their Dad, not a babysitter. But's just always a little weird when I've been gone, then I come back.

As always, time away filled my tank gave me a thankful heart. I had a fantastic weekend. I played, rested and then I missed home. Thank you Michael for being a wonderful host. I love you. Thank you Mike giving me a weekend to myself. I love you.

Now back to reality!


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

That's how I feel too when I'm gone..I think the kids must have missed me terribly but it's not the same for them.

You know that saying that once you've had a child you now live forever with your heart outside of your body. (Or something like that). So true isn't it?

bethany said...

i want to go with you next time, would michael mind if i crashed the party? please. please take me.

now that P is 5, she understands time and distance. so when the time comes to see daddy after a long time away, the anticipation is so dramatic. she will count down every day, create a list of things to do as soon as we're all together, and the moment she sees him, the squealing and hugging and skipping and praising is nauseating to anyone who bears witness, i'm sure. but it totally makes up for all that time apart.

mike and hillary said...

Is that guy famous? I swear I saw him on tv???