Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh Those Summer Nights

Our nights will be warm for awhile still, but I'm feeling like we need to bottle summertime so that we don't miss a thing. I've written this before, but our best family nights are spent out by the BBQ.  We don't worry so much about eating on time or the kids staying in their seats. When Mike says, "I'll BBQ tonight," it means we're having a family night. The music's on, footballs are being tossed, and the kid's know that they have our attention. Our summer nights are my favorite thing about living in Atascadero.

When taking pictures by the fire the other night I asked them to show me their favorite dance moves. You know when your kids do something that is kind of sassy but you think it's really funny? Well, I try not to encourage it with my attention...or I video it and put it on you tube. When Ella hears music she immediately drops to her knees and begins a booty shake. Then Maxwell copies her. I wonder where they learned that move? Um...maybe me? Oopsie.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It Was Amazing

We had the best long weekend. We camped at the beach (20 min from home) in our RV and it was completely relaxing and fun.

Highlights: S'mores, sand in our feet, tide pools, no obligations, time away together.

 Bummer: Ella's cough, now we're all a little sick.

We camped Thursday through Sunday. Sunday night Mike and I went to dinner and a movie to celebrate our anniversary. We haven't been to a movie together (that wasn't rated G), since I was pregnant. It was the perfect end to a great weekend. Here are too many pictures and a too long video...I want to go back...


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Anniversary Camping

I'm packing up this morning to head to the beach for the weekend. We are going here. Mike and I have our 6th wedding anniversary on Sunday, and we decided on time together at the beach to celebrate.  Looking back at these old pictures is just killing me....my babies aren't babies anymore. Instead, they're helping me gather sand toys and claiming their beds in the RV. They're requesting s'mores and Popsicles, because, "Mom we get special treats when we go camping."

Indeed, we do.

Happy weekend to you and yours. 

(same spot, May 2011)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Seattle Trip, Part Two

I'm kind of mourning the fact that our girl's trip is over. If I sound dramatic, you would too if you had these women as your best friends.

Our five days were spent as follows:
Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk
Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk
Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk  

In between we cuddled baby Griffin, who is the perfect six week old. Truth: I kept forgetting his was there because he is such a good baby and Hillary is such a good Mom.

We watched the Olympics, danced til our feet hurt at a concert, shopped and enjoyed being friends without the responsibility of being Moms. The only problem with coming home was the fact that I was so tired. How was I tired after having a five day vacation with no kids? I guess that's what you get when you stay up way too late every night with best friends and bottles of wine. We all imagined taking naps and reading books, but when it came down to it we didn't want to miss out on talking. AND I booked horribly early flights each way, so the girls had to be up at 3 15 a.m. to drive me to the airport...sorry. Thanks for being an amazing host Hill! Can't wait to have you all at my house next year!

I missed my babies and Mike, but I knew they were having fun. As always, it feels good to be home. The kids gave me huge hugs and it's like I was never gone. Thanks to all our husbands and families who give us away for this week each year. It's the best gift you could give us.


Well aren't we shinny.
Here is a choppy video thrown together before nap time ends. Nothing special, but makes me smile because of each memory. I LOVE YOU GIRLS.

Seattle Trip: Part 1, Family Edition

My trip last week was THE BEST. Of course I took too many pictures, so I'll start with the time with my family. To see Aunts, Uncles and cousins was so much fun. THANK YOU for taking the time to spoil me and share such a special night. I want to come back. Tomorrow.

I love you all.


I love the funny expressions in this one.