Monday, May 2, 2011

Camping At The Beach

Saturday morning we took our RV to Morro Bay to camp for the night. I always think this sounds fun, until nap time or night time and it gets really hard with the kids. But this trip was different! Maybe it's because they're getting older, but they took a nap! And went to bed, together, in their own bed! This might not be big for some families, but in ours I always have a hard time with the two of them when we are away and it's time to sleep. We spent a couple hours on the beach and I was disappointed because I forgot my memory card for the camera. When we went back out to play before dinner I remembered I could use my here are my phone pics. This mini trip made me excited for more camping this summer.

Sand crabs

Our friend Jerry and his son Cooper came to hang out for a bit. Jerry takes Max for a ride.

After lots of playing on the beach we set the kids up with a movie...and they fell asleep. I was so happy :)
The next morning was opening season for ocean fishing. Mike's friend's picked him up early and they went out on their kayaks. Mike caught this guy- can't wait for fish tacos!

The bummer of the weekend...we came home to a leaking ceiling in our kitchen. It now looks like this. A project we weren't ready for.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

The beach looks so amazing. I can't wait until Lake Michigan is warm enough to enjoy it.

LOVE that photo of them both sleeping with their sippy cups. Both of them are getting so big! And look so adorable as always.

You have an RV? Hubby and I were just saying we wish we had one. Someday maybe!? Fun!

Napping and traveling is always hard with toddlers.

Bummer about your ceiling!! Ugh. That looks like a big project too. :-/

Cristine said...

I am so glad you were able to have some family time away from home...they sure LOVE the beach!!!
Your ceiling looks like mine...I am guessing your leak was from a water pipe not the rain. Good thing Mike can fix most anything!!

~j~ said...

looks like a wonderful time at the beach but sooo sorry about your leak!! such a bummer. thank the Lord you are married to such a talented hubby. I am so thankful D knows how to take care of those things, makes it much more bearable!