Friday, May 27, 2011

Swimsuit Woes

Our Internet has been down all week + the screen to my camera broke = not that into blogging. But now- I'm on the hunt.

Goal, same as last year: flattering suit to completely disguise tummy, lift boobs, elongate legs/arms, and still make me feel cute and youngish. Even slightly sexy. Suits matching this description come with a skirt and the option solid stripes or Hawaiian print. 

This mama will not wear a bikini again. But it's OK. There are a ton of cute one pieces out. I just haven't found the one for me. Last year I bought a cute Besty Johnson polka dot one piece but it doesn't even have a shelf bra. It's so uncomfortable not to have a built in bra so I have to wear a bikini top underneath and it hurts my neck. Here are my favorite's from Anthropologie. Even though they are way over my budget, I probably would still buy one if they had chest support. But they don't.

this one is my favorite...anthro (sold out)

Modcloth has some cute retro suits but I can't tell if I'm over that look. To be honest, I'm considering ordering a Miracle Suit. I'm not talking Victoria Secret's Miracle Suits (because they still don't cover enough for me), but I actually might try one of from here. I figure if I accessorize with a cute big hat and sunglasses it might look cute? It's funny, I'm trying so hard not to look 'momish,' but...I am a Mom.

Let me know if you have any one piece suggestions. I'm not big on tankinis. Happy swimsuit shopping :)


Mrs. Davis said...

I dont have any personal experience with these, but they come highly recommended on another blog I read :)

bandofbrothers said...

i think they retros one are very flattering, even if they are all the rage and kinda trendy. you would look soooo cute in one with the big ole hat!

Sarah R.Conley said...

I think the chick wearing the miracle suit would look good in a frumpy old lady bathing suit because she is a model. I want to see a normal woman/mom wearing a miracle suit.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Don't gag but Land's End. I ordered a cute retro styled tankini with polka dots and a ruffled skirt (part of the suit). It might look grandma-ish but not on a young chick like us! :-)

bethany said...

you may find something you like here: the site carries all sorts of designer brands, but it allows you to search by body type, which i find helpful :) always fashionable. sexy.

Kait said...

This one has some support: