Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Naughty Artist

Last night Little Maeg and her boyfriend had us over to his house for dinner. She made yummy tacos and it was fun watching them together. Zack's a great guy. We got home and the kids were playing nicely in their room. It was past their bedtime but they were so mellow I thought it didn't matter. As I laid on our bed next to Mike I knew it was too quiet. Ella came in and tilted her head to her shoulder, "Sorry Mommy. Sorry Mommy. Sorry Mommy!" She handed me a black crayon. She had drawn all over one of the walls in Maxwell's room. I know I'm supposed to expect these things. Like the way they'll probably cut their own hair and they'll probably get chickenpox. It was a Crayola Washable crayon and it came right off. I firmly told Ella we do NOT draw on walls, only on paper at her desk. She just kept nodding her head and telling me, "Sorry Mommy." I told her I forgave her and I asked her to help me clean it up. She went to bed- it was no big deal.

Today I was in the kitchen making lunch. It was too quiet. I went in Maxwell's room. Same crayon, same wall. We talked about it and cleaned it up. Again.

It's time to find chalk and encourage the chalkboard. (Remember that awesome chalkboard Mike built in Max's room? I am so forgetful that every time I go to the store I forget to buy chalk. They think it's just an alphabet board for their letters.)


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Sorry but I'm having a hard time not giggling at this story and the photos you posted with it. Sounds like my kids! Ella's hair is so long now!

Cristine said...

At least she was willing to help you clean up the wall and she did say, "Sorry Mommy". How did Maxwell stay out of it?
Isn't it something how 'quiet' means 'danger' with children!! She is adorable, no doubt about that!!!

rozanny said...

Way cute to see her cleaning it! My sister-in-laws boy draws all over too... don't know how to get them to stop.

And my brother's twins have started both those stages... she cut her hair so short that they had to give her a buzz cut... then she cut his hair. And he somehow cut a hole in the middle of the carpet in their room... they still can't find whatever it was that he cut it with. I guess they're not getting their deposit back.

~j~ said...

So sweet with the apologies... and super sweet she is cleaning up her own "artwork"! impressive ;))