Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chatting. Age 4.

Because I want to remember it all.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Another first for us this week. Maxwell and Ella started preschool. They are just going on Monday mornings and we are all excited. I wasn't worried about Ella. Even when she's a little quiet, she does well around new people. Maxwell...not so much. Our crazy, silly boy gets shy and clings to me. But then he's fine.

The kids picked out their own clothes (are you sure you want to wear that Ella?) and packed backpacks with something special from home. They got ready quickly and then Maxwell started telling me about how much fun we were going to have. "Because you'll be there too Mom. Right? Mom?"

I told him I'd be there for a few mintues and then just kept getting ready. The drop off went pretty much how I expected. Maxwell cried and held on to my leg tight while Ella skipped off to play babies and kitchen. I knew that he would cry. But I also was pretty sure he would stop immediatly after I left. So I left fast. So fast that as I was trying to make an exit without my heart breaking for Maxwell and kind of forgot to even check on Ella. I looked over my shoulder and said, "Goodbye Ella, I love you," as I kept walking. I don't even know if she heard me but I caught a glimpse of her changing the babies clothes and I knew she was fine.

I got in my car and drove away. No tears, but a little anxious. I sent out a few texts to get reassuring words. And five mintues later my friend Amy told me that she saw them when she dropped her daughter off and they were both happy fine. It's not that it wasn't emotional for me, it's just that this is the only time that they are away from me. So it's good for them. Good for me. Four hours a week is a lot less traumatic than going from nothing to full time.

When I picked them up I got big smiles, they said they loved it, then it was Ella's turn to cry. "I don't want to go!!!" She was devastated that some of the other kids got to stay longer. When I explained that their Mommy's and Daddy's were at work she looked at me scornfully and said, "You never go to work! Why can't you go to work too?!" Wow. Thanks Ella. Then she was a mess for the rest of the day, pouting that she had to leave her new school. But at least they weren't crying at the same time.

We celebrated with yogurt after and we are all ready for them to go again next Monday. Another milestone, another first, and life goes on.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

One of My Favs

A reminder that time flies. One of my favorite days.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring. Almost.

Every day Ella asks me, 'Now is it Spring?' I tell her just a few more days. She sees little buds bloom flowers on the trees and tells me she is certain the season has changed. Maxwell asks if Spring means he'll get to ride his motto (quad) more because it will stay light later. I tell him yes and he gives me that smile.

I forgot how much I love taking pictures. I spent five minutes taking snapping these, sure that none of them were good, but I always enjoy pulling them up on my computer the next day. Last night we pulled out plastic, empty, Easter eggs and it kept the kids busy for hours. It's always the simple things. Like letting little girls carry umbrellas, on sunny days.

 'a. The season of the year, occurring between winter and summer, during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive, extending in the Northern Hemisphere from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice and popularly considered to comprise March, April, and May.
b. A time of growth and renewal.'
To an early Spring, and the promise of growth and renewal. 


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Litte Vita

I had a couple weeks of Ella acting...not like Ella. A little sassy, a lot of whining, and not the funnest girl to be around. But our little Vita is back, with her kind disposition and gentle nature shinning through. We enjoy her so much. I joke that Ella literally stops to smell each flower. She takes in everything around her, asking 'why?' and marveling at the beauty in this world. She's smitten with flowers in bloom and the change that Spring brings. Her new favorite words are adorable and fabulouso. 

"Mom, look at that dog! He is sooooo adorable! Right?"

"I'm going to wear this dress today because it's sooo pretty and it will make me look fabulouso!"

Ella has an imaginary friend named Simba. Not to be confused with Simba from the Lion King, this friend is a pretty girl, not a lion. And she's afraid of the Lion King movie. My favorite is overhearing her in her room talking to Simba about the weddings and parties that they go to. She talks about balls, princesses and an imaginary dance class they attend. This morning she told Maxwell he was going to have to drive himself to the wedding tonight because she was riding with Simba and there are only two seats in her car. "I'm so sorry Maxwell," she told him.

I'm not allowed to bring up Simba because it embarrasses her, so I love when Ella invites me into her world. I'm so happy I get to be a Mom to a daughter and a son. Ella likes to get dirty and wrestle with her brother, but she also loves girly things- kind of like me. She likes worms, muddy puddles and watching sports. She also likes pink, glitter and dancing. 

She's such a gift, I love our girl.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Few Of Their Favorite Things, Age 4

Fourth Birthday Party!

Maxwell and Ella are FOUR today. FOUR! We celebrated yesterday with our family and friends. The countdown to the party was almost as fun for the kids as the actual day. Making decorations, treats and favors for friends- these are all things that make celebrations special. And Maxwell and Ella are SO, SO special.

Here are a whole lotta pictures :)

Every year I get my Mom to make yummy food, including cupcakes per the kids request.

I asked my mother in law to make these pretty fruit skewers


Maxwell and Ella hit their first pinata! 

My beautiful grandmother, the original Vita, flew from New Mexico to celebrate with us this week.

Today I'm thankful for my handsome husband that gave me these beautiful kids