Sunday, March 17, 2013

Litte Vita

I had a couple weeks of Ella acting...not like Ella. A little sassy, a lot of whining, and not the funnest girl to be around. But our little Vita is back, with her kind disposition and gentle nature shinning through. We enjoy her so much. I joke that Ella literally stops to smell each flower. She takes in everything around her, asking 'why?' and marveling at the beauty in this world. She's smitten with flowers in bloom and the change that Spring brings. Her new favorite words are adorable and fabulouso. 

"Mom, look at that dog! He is sooooo adorable! Right?"

"I'm going to wear this dress today because it's sooo pretty and it will make me look fabulouso!"

Ella has an imaginary friend named Simba. Not to be confused with Simba from the Lion King, this friend is a pretty girl, not a lion. And she's afraid of the Lion King movie. My favorite is overhearing her in her room talking to Simba about the weddings and parties that they go to. She talks about balls, princesses and an imaginary dance class they attend. This morning she told Maxwell he was going to have to drive himself to the wedding tonight because she was riding with Simba and there are only two seats in her car. "I'm so sorry Maxwell," she told him.

I'm not allowed to bring up Simba because it embarrasses her, so I love when Ella invites me into her world. I'm so happy I get to be a Mom to a daughter and a son. Ella likes to get dirty and wrestle with her brother, but she also loves girly things- kind of like me. She likes worms, muddy puddles and watching sports. She also likes pink, glitter and dancing. 

She's such a gift, I love our girl.


Cristine said...

Welcome back little Vita, lets get together this week for an outdoors adventure! Don't forget to mention what a great cook/baker she is!

lindaroo said...

Ah yes, the ups and downs of little girls! She is so much like her mama...
Love to you all!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Keira is the same way. I think women are moody from toddler-hood on!!

But they are so sweet too. Keira is so girly!! I love having a daughter. ;-)

Ella is beautiful.