Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 3

After an awful day yesterday, Maxwell already seems to be feeling better. I took him in to the doctor and he has a respitory infection that went to both ears. Which explains why he had been up all night. Poor little guy. I started him on an antibiotic and my pediatrician lended us a breathing machine to help with his wheezing...he sounded really bad. By last night he was starting to smile again. He was still up a lot last night, but it was every couple of hours instead of every couple of minutes. Ella has been great. It's amazing how God has given me that each time they've been sick. It seems like the healthy one just knows they need to share my attention for the day. Ella acted independent and silly all day long, and slept through the night two nights in a row! In this house we celebrate sleep so it was a miracle that all Max's crying didn't wake his sister up. They are both down for a nap right now so it's my turn to hop in the shower. But I wanted to post again, because it's been fun connecting with other women. Heck, sometimes it's fun talking to the mailman when I've been inside with a sick baby all day. Anyway, I've enjoyed reading other women's blogs when the babies are sleeping and I have a quiet house.

Today I pray for Maxwell's health and I thank God for Ella's patience.

I have to admit, this felt a little silly because
A. Who wears wedges when they are taking care of a sick baby
B. It's actually pretty cold outside
C. I don't usually take pictures of myself

But I was inspired by all the cuteness going on over at Emery's blog...go check it out!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 2

Good thing I played with these pictures last night. Maxwell was up sick all night, cold and maybe ear infection. There will be no smiling for the camera today. And that amazing spring weather? Gone. Gray and drizzling. Oh well, we made the best of the sun while it was here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cute Outfits + Fun New Blogs

Cute outfits + fun new blogs = Spring Fashion Week

Emery at Moms Are For Everyone is hosting a Spring Fashion Week on her blog.You share an outfit everyday and have a chance to win an awesome prize. Because I don't like most of my clothes right now, I may cheat and post the babies for a few days. Maybe I'll win the prize and have a chance to spiff up my own wardrobe! Go to Emery's blog and join too :)

(click to enlarge)

Ruffled flower top- Carters
Leggings with ruffled hem- Circo

Colored shirt- Cherokee
Plaid shorts- Cherokee

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why My House Isn't Clean

The nursery typically looks something like this in the morning...

Until they discovered how to get into all of the drawers...

They try to make it up by acting all cute, Max: 'Here sister, kisses'...

Ella: 'What? It wasn't me?'
Together: 'If we smile really big she won't remember the mess we made.'

Until we make another one at lunch...

Maxwell: 'Aw Mom, it's just a little game I play.'
Ella: 'I can't believe you just did that.'

I can. And you'll do it again. Little stinkers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boat Ride

We cannot get enough of this warm weather. We took the boat out yesterday afternoon and pretended it was summer. I LOVE spending time with my family outside.

Don't worry Grandmas, the babies did wear their life jackets. Just not posting those photos, as they were SCREAMING with them on.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playing Summer

Spent yesterday at the beach. It was such a beautiful day. Max and Ella played with their new sand toys, even if the sand was replaced with HUGE ROCKS everywhere. Oh well. It felt so good to be in the sun.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Germs?

I'm not over the top, out of control about germs...but they do gross me out. I don't mind my kids getting dirty, I just don't like them getting germy. When they crawl outside they get covered in dirt and it's a constant battle to keep rocks out of their mouths. Part of me hates that it ruins their outfit for the day and I'm highly disgusted when I find the occasional worm in Ella's mouth. But, I really want to be the Mom that let's her kids explore and PLAY. I remember being in elementary school and fishing for tad poles with my friend Bethany. Her house backed up to a water basin and we would literally scoop up huge tad poles and arrange them in a fish tank. We'd then sell them on the side of the road. Apparently lemonade didn't appeal to us. I remember people driving by us and the disappointment I felt when they didn't stop. It didn't occur to me that there wasn't much one could actually do with a big wet tad pole once it was purchased. Anyway, nowhere in this memory did either of our Moms care that we came home filthy. I want that for Maxwell and Ella.

But, it's the germy stuff that gets me. I know there's a balance between keeping kids healthy and acting neurotic. So today when we went to the grocery store I went for it. Ella is sick. Again. Poor baby still has a fever and just isn't acting herself. I had to run in for a quick trip and it's a pain pushing the stroller in front and pulling a cart behind me. Sometimes I run over my own heals and I have to act like I didn't, because it's kind of embarrassing. (Actually, it's really embarrassing). Anyhow, today we did the cart with the toy car in front. And it was the cutest thing ever. Even Ella was laughing. I had to brace myself because there is no amount of Purrell wipes that can kill the germs crawling on the steering wheels. But they loved it. And it made me not care. They thought it was this great game and I shopped with one cart. I didn't even bring in the Baby Bjorn as a plan B for whichever baby is crying (which is good, because they now kill my back in it).

So we scrubbed their hands when we got home. And it was fun. And they are fine. As they always are.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hookers for Jesus

While we were flipping through channels last night, Mike and I saw a chaplin speaking to a young woman in jail. She was encouraging her to leave her life of prostitution. She spoke kind words...I was paying half attention...and then said she knew a group that could help her. Hookers for Jesus. Um, are you laughing as hard as I was last night?

Turns out they're a legit organization working against modern day sex slavery. I googled them and read the founders bio. Turns out, she has an amazing heart and story. I'm not being sarcastic when I say this is an awesome cause. In fact, the more I read, the more my heart broke. This woman has an incredible testimony. This organization reaches out to girls/teens/women who are victims of human sex trafficing, violence, and the pornographic sex industry. Amen for the the incredible ministry they are doing.

But I'm not going to to lie, the name kills me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Your First Birthday

Maxwell and Ella,
What a special first birthday you had! We had a super fun time celebrating with lots of friends and the Becks at pizza. We missed Grandma Judie but we will sing to you again when she gets home. You put your fingers in your cake and I got all teary eyed...because you're SO BIG. On Saturday Nonni and Papa John threw you a special party at their house. We ate yummy food and you had your first meatballs! Your big sissy Maegann also let you have your very first drink from Blenders. Maxwell, you were hooked. I'm certain Uncle David can hook you up with a job when you're ready. Friends and family came to visit with you and you were very good. You got a little sleepy but Papa John walked you around and you took a good little snooze. Best of all...your great Grandmother Vita came to spend your special day with you! She even brought you your very first tunnel and tent. You think this is the coolest present ever. It was such a great day. Your Dad and I loved celebrating with you. Right now you are both tucked in your cribs sleeping. I'm tired too so I'm about to crawl into bed. I just wanted to look at the pictures from our great weekend. Because you already look bigger. I can't believe you are one. You big boy and big girl.

More birthday pics here

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy First Birthday Maxwell and Ella

A year ago I became a Mom. And everyday I fall more and more in love. Happy birthday you beautiful babies. You make our family so very happy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Blended Family

On Saturday Mike and I went wine tasting to celebrate Michael and Maegann's Aunt Julie's birthday. Julie is Jennifer's sister. She's Mike's ex sister-in-law. And she's our friend. We feel really lucky that we all get along so well. The babies played at home with my Mom...thanks Mom!

(When I say Mike and I went wine tasting, I actually mean that we all tasted and Mike drove everyone around in our RV. I'm sure after the third winery we weren't being annoying AT ALL..thanks Mike)

Jennifer (Michael and Meg's Mom), Michael, Me and Justin

the birthday girl Julie is in the green wig and white shirt