Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Shoppers

For whatever reason, I haven't been to Trader Joe's in FOREVER. When we walked in the doors today Ella spotted the little shopping carts and it was all over. They both hopped out of the cart and I watched my little babies shop like big kids. I had one of those moments where I was watching them and I honestly started to tear up because they are SO BIG AND SO CUTE and when did all this happen?! And I teared up because Maxwell hit my ankle with his cart. Ouch.

Anyway, good thing I only had my phone for pictures because had I brought my camera you most certainly would have sat through a video too. I think we'll be shopping at TJ's again soon :)

Ella was my sneaky shopper. She kept putting random things in her cart. At the register I found an extra jar of salsa, sliced almonds, and a chocolate bar.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Truth: Sometimes I'm bored at home. And because my day centers around baths/nap time/mealtime, it's hard to just 'run out the door' with two, two year olds. Part of that is my own problem because I could be more flexible. But I'm pretty darn good at predicting meltdowns. The kids have been extra whinny and it wears on me. Last week I could feel that 'trapped' feeling creeping in. I try to suppress it and ignore it, but it starts to suffocate. I start feeling desperate for alone time and then I feel guilty for needing it. I look for any excuse to get out of the house, with or without the kids. Then I resent that my great escape was hot dogs for lunch at Costco.

But the feeling always passes. It usually creeps up for a day or two (in this case...more), but then all of the sudden I'm slapped in the face with ohmygoshlookatmylife and I stop feeling selfish and enjoy what I've got. The moment came for me last night. I got home from the grocery store and I sat on the back patio and watched my husband and kids ride the quad around our beautiful property. From my chair I watched the kids squeal and hold Daddy's arm so tight. Across the field Mike's lips whispered something and M & E laughed from their bellies as their helmets bounced off one another. Instead of feeling guilty for my ugly heart (which I often do, then I feel even worse), I asked for forgiveness and felt peace. The rest of the night was filled with snapshot moments. Ella peed all over the floor, but instead of getting frustrated, I praised her for running to the toilet and finishing there. Maxwell took out the tee ball set and the two of them killed me with their big kid skills and conversations. I said a prayer of thanks that my husband barbecues dinner for us way more than I cook. And when it was time for the kids to go to bed, we let them watch 'one more show,' because why not? I felt a deep relief that it wasn't a night that I was counting down the minutes until I could put them down- because that's how I've been feeling. And it's exhausting to feel that way.

Even though we are still in the high 80s, I know it's almost the end of summer nights. And summer nights here are amazing. I'm glad I can see that today.






Monday, September 19, 2011

A Sunday Drive

There are so many cool places around us that I've never been to. Sunday Mike had to work so the kids and I took a drive to Montana De Oro.  It was one of those things where we got there and I thought they'd love it and we'd explore for hours. And then they melted down after 45 min. Oh well, at least we did something new.

He takes his walking stick very seriously.

 Listening to sea shells.

over the weekend ella was sitting on my lap and out of nowhere she kind of swatted my face. i showed her it made me sad and asked her why she hit me. she quickly told me that she wasn't hitting, she was giving my face a high five. WHAT? this girl kills me. you have to know her to think this is funny because she's generally not a sassy girl.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's Your Problem?

The kids were collecting rocks in the yard yesterday and Ella turned to me and asked, "You sad Mommy?" I told her no, I was just watching them play. Then she looked really matter of fact and asked, "What's your problem?" I guess I need to smile more.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Love My Friend/Ella's First Big Hurt

I thought we were going to love this hotel...and we did. The rooms were so-so, but with the incredible sun deck, we were barely in there. We spent the afternoon talking on the deck, then the rest of the night at the local farmer's market. I may have ended up playing percussion on a few songs for a 60's cover band. Who knew I was skilled in the art of maraca shaking?

I LOVE you Crystal! Thank you for being amazing friend. Happy 30th!

{side note: yesterday Ella had her first big hurt. we were playing at our neighbors and she hit the side of her eye on the bed frame. it's a minor thing, but sad for me! she didn't even complain much, i just get sad that she will have her first scar. i was totally calm, and i usually am in situations like that, but on the inside i was a mess. and really- this cut is little. i just don't like my babies hurt!}

Thursday, September 8, 2011

TGIF (almost!)

I am so excited!!! Tomorrow, one of my best friends Crystal and I are going on a 24 hour getaway (moms only) to celebrate her 30th birthday. We are spending the day at our favorite beach and we have a room to stay all night. This is a dream of mine, I've always wanted to stay in a hotel in Avila. This perfect beach town is only 25 min. from home. Let me repeat, I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

Thanks Mike for working hard so I get to do fun things like this, and thanks Gma Judie for watching the kids while Mike is working. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

In other news...we love Katy Perry. Check out Ella's sweet moves and Maxwell's floor routine.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Aunt Linda and Carrie we loved our visit with you! Thank you so much for the hospitality and great company. Maxwell and Ella remember everything, so next time we visit I know they are going to want to gather apples again. They are so funny like that, they have to do the same things every time they go somewhere. They'll want to play with the monkey, chase your dog, swing, and cuddle in the guest room bed. We had a great time, your home is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the family.

Thanks for sending me pictures Carrie, they are beautiful!
I love these ones of Grandma with Ella on the swing.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Under The Sea

Our labor day was lazy. Or should I say, the kids and I had a lazy day. Mike works A LOT. He worked most of Monday, as he did most of the weekend, but when he got home he took us to Morro Bay to get of the house. We had fish and chips then went on a touristy boat tour of the bay...and the kids loved it.

Part of the tour boasted an underwater fish sighting. It was great because other than us there were only two people on the boat. We positioned ourselves for the spectacular....and then we waited. And waited. Our captain fed the fish. But none came. And our kids couldn't have cared less-I love two year olds. Ella was overjoyed with the magnifying glass.


Not only did the kids have a blast but because there was no fish sighting they gave us a pass to come back again. Sweet!

Play Day With The Big Kids

Michael came home this weekend! We had the best afternoon on the golf course with our big kids. I LOVE golfing. Even though I don't actually golf. I think I finished half a beer and bag of potato chips (you know the really good Kettle ones?) before they finished the first hole. I love riding in the cart, drinking beer and enjoying the beautiful golf course. Grandma Judie watched the little ones for us (thank you!!!). Charli and Camryn were over too so the cousins got to play together.

Lil Meg and her boyfriend Zack.


We came home to happy cousins playing with Grandma.

Maxwell kept naming off everyone who was at our house. He was sooo excited.
Sister got a little ping pong lesson from her big brother. She keeps asking me if she can play hockey again.


Friday, September 2, 2011


I can't keep clothes on them, but they insist on helmets. Go figure.