Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Play Day With The Big Kids

Michael came home this weekend! We had the best afternoon on the golf course with our big kids. I LOVE golfing. Even though I don't actually golf. I think I finished half a beer and bag of potato chips (you know the really good Kettle ones?) before they finished the first hole. I love riding in the cart, drinking beer and enjoying the beautiful golf course. Grandma Judie watched the little ones for us (thank you!!!). Charli and Camryn were over too so the cousins got to play together.

Lil Meg and her boyfriend Zack.


We came home to happy cousins playing with Grandma.

Maxwell kept naming off everyone who was at our house. He was sooo excited.
Sister got a little ping pong lesson from her big brother. She keeps asking me if she can play hockey again.


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Leanne said...

That is the sweetest picture of Michael holding Ella!