Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Under The Sea

Our labor day was lazy. Or should I say, the kids and I had a lazy day. Mike works A LOT. He worked most of Monday, as he did most of the weekend, but when he got home he took us to Morro Bay to get of the house. We had fish and chips then went on a touristy boat tour of the bay...and the kids loved it.

Part of the tour boasted an underwater fish sighting. It was great because other than us there were only two people on the boat. We positioned ourselves for the spectacular....and then we waited. And waited. Our captain fed the fish. But none came. And our kids couldn't have cared less-I love two year olds. Ella was overjoyed with the magnifying glass.


Not only did the kids have a blast but because there was no fish sighting they gave us a pass to come back again. Sweet!

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Cristine said...

What a great family day...so nice of Mike to take the time to play with his family!