Thursday, October 27, 2011


The bad news: Got my computer back last night and it's still not working correctly. Bringing it back today. I think my videos from Disneyland are lost, which makes me really sad because I really wanted to put together a short movie for the kids. So now you have to look at a million pictures instead.

The good news: The trip was great. The kids loved it and we got three whole days of uninterrupted time together as a family. It was so fun having Michael with us (we missed little meg). And I know it's about the memories, not the videos or the blog. But I really did want those too.

First ride: Small World.

Dumbo was their FAVORITE of the trip and the ride they keep talking about.

Tigger was the first character they got to meet and touch. Ella was beside herself. She went right up and hugged him. She was so brave and so cute!

Big boy was a little more timid. But at least he had his big brother their for support.

Waiting in line to see Mickey. Ella is having a blast! Right?

Mike and his boys. I know, Maxwell looks like he is pooping.

We made it to Mickey! Ella went right up to him, and Maxwell didn't know what to do with's Mickey!!!

Waiting for the parade to start. These kiddos were up at 4:30 a.m. and somehow they still had SO MUCH ENERGY.

The parade started and Ella waved to everyone.
Day 2: California Adventure. Ella read me her map and told me where we needed to go first.

Maxwell nearly fainted. WOODY!!! And BUZZ!!! Oh man do I hope my videos end up working, because his face when he saw Buzz...the best.

Fake laugh girl.

"It's really high Mom!"

Michael's mini me.
Boardwalk games. Ask Michael what he did to make a random eight year old kid cry.

A Bugs Life. Tons of rides for little kids- with only 5 min. lines! (Although we would have been pissed if the lines were longer because we got on and looked at each other like 'was that really a ride?' But hey, it's  about the kids).

It was wonderful. Our hotel room was perfect, the kids slept well. We made great memories- and if the kids don't remember, Mama took a bazillion pictures to remind them.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Computer Crash :(

I've been getting blue screens for months computer is done :( I have no idea of the correct terminology, but I'm having it wiped clean of everything, then they'll reinstall the basic software. I HOPE THIS WORKS. I'm told it will run like new? I've backed up most of our photos and documents (I think). For some reason, when I try to upload my photos and videos now, Windows Movie Maker won't recognize the sound anymore (I do all my videos on my Canon powershot)? I don't know of any other free software to edit videos (not just photo montages). And it seems like the blue screens especially happen when I open Picasa, which is what I use to organize and edit my photos. Any suggestions on other programs to use for organizing photos?

Disneyland was GREAT! The kids had so much fun. The hotel was perfect, they slept through the night. Now I want to show you all our fun pics and videos...hope I get to soon!

Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Going To Disneyland!!!

We are going to DISNEYLAND! Woo hoo! We are so excited to take Maxwell and Ella. They've been talking about going to 'Mickey's House' for a long time now. We have two day park hopper tickets and we leave early Thursday morning. Mike and I can't wait to experience this with the kids. This will be the first two full days off Mike's taken in months. We are looking forward to having him all to ourselves.

Does anyone have any tips for doing amusement parks with toddlers? Please don't say that they are too young to remember it, because we don't care. This is as much for us enjoying their delighted little faces as it is about them. We are 100% aware that this is a go with the flow trip. They may want to do rides, they may not. But I'm certain they're going to love taking it all in.

Let me know any tricks you may have for traveling or amusement parks :) Hotels are always rough for us. The kids both end up wanting to sleep with me and then no one really gets any sleep. I'm hoping they'll be tuckered out from all the excitement and they'll go down easy.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Summer In October

I'm sure someone, somewhere is bundled up in scarfs and boots. But not here. It was 80+ so we met our friends at the beach. It was beautiful. We'll keep playing summer as long as the sun here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Our third annual pumpkin shoot. I love traditions. Little Naomi moved away, but the twins are here to stay.

Make a silly face...

After awhile, Ms. Lilly drew joined us. Look as those braids, she is too cute! The other pumkpins were too wound up for another photo.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Stuffed Friends

I'm sure I had favorite stuffed animals or dolls, but I'm having a hard time remembering them. Maxwell and Ella have a whole entourage. I took these pictures this morning, but they like to gather their 'friends' throughout the day for cuddle time. On top of their two blankets, they like to throw on a towel for kicks. Maxwell is just has happy with his toolbox as he is with his stuffed buddies.


I'm not a huge dog person. In fact, if you knew me ten years ago, I was terrified of them. But Mike has the sweetest lab, and everyone we know has dogs so they've grown on me. My friend Claudette's dog just had puppies and my kids are loving them to pieces. When you hold them they make you use that high pitched "oh my goodness you are ADORABLE" baby voice. So, so cute.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Mike

Today is Mike's birthday. He's working two hours away and my plan was to go surprise him. The company he is working for usually puts him up in his own hotel room. A month ago the kids and I went up for the night (which was super fun, until we went out to a nice dinner and they were throwing forks and dancing around our chairs and then we went back to the hotel and they fell out of bed because they are in cribs at home and I might have slept a total of two hours the whole night and I cringed because Maxwell ACTUALLY ended up sleeping on the floor between two queen beds and did my mother not teach me anything about hotel germs through those Dateline specials she recorded?! How's that for a run on sentence?)

Anyway, it's just me showing up tonight. But luckily last night he told me that he's sharing a room. Which would have been kind of embarrassing if I didn't know, because I don't think his roommate or I want to sleep in the same room. So I got a nice, beautiful room at a nice, beautiful hotel and I can't wait!
So to Mike, happy birthday. Here's my top three reasons I love you this year:

1. I love that you took over cooking for me this summer. Even after the longest day of work, you often BBQ for me and that makes my night so much easier. And I love when the kids are playing and you and I are sitting in our chairs together by the firelight. It's getting dark and cold now so it's my turn to step up, but I appreciate all the meals theses past months.
2. Thank you for your personal sacrifices this year. You've given up fishing, playing at home with us, you name it-You work so much and you do that for us. Staying at home with the kids is my gift, thank you.
3. I'm not the same. Some thing (lots of things) happen to woman after they have kids, and I'm different now. I'm not talking about my body, although WHEW, things have changed there too. I'm talking emotionally and physically, after a day with our twins, I'm spent. Motherhood has changed me and I'm not the girl I was. I'm crabby and I'm tired. And you still want me. Thank you.

So happy birthday babe. Hope it's a good one.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doll House

Ella's first doll house is from my Mom from about a year ago. She and Maxwell love playing pretend. For Christmas she added on with a beautiful wooden doll house from Grandma Judie. Grandma painted the house and each piece of furniture. The two houses sit together in Ella's room and Maxwell regularly brings Buzz and Woody in to play with the dolls.

I love watching my girl play.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Our house is looking a I've had fun decorating :) I spent a little money at Michaels, gathered lots of pumpkins, and printed out less than $10 worth of photos to put in the frames I already had. My Mom always decorated for holidays. I wonder what my kids will remember.

I printed out pictures from last fall and posted them on the kid's chalkboard (I glued little dot magnets to the back of clothespins).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

It's Sunday afternoon and my house is quiet. Mike is hard at work for us, another week without a day off, and tomorrow he'll do it all over again. Ella has been going through a new stage. She's started throwing tantrums, hitting and kicking the ground. She's done this a few times in public and I have to remind myself this is normal, my kids are two. I'm just not used to it. I had hoped she'd wake up this morning with a smiley face. She did, but then melted down as I put her in the car for our 'fun adventure day.' She calmed down and we had a great time. In the car I told the kids we were going to get a lot of pumpkins. I wanted to fill our front room with them. I though a lot was five. We came home with more than five. They were so excited. I was so excited. We pushed around this big cart and kept loading it up. Their faces were priceless- huge eyes and careful hands as they contemplated each choice. "One more Mommy?" I just laughed, "Yes! More!"
I'll have to post some pictures of our front room. The farmer told me they'd last through the month...I hope so.

Anyway, it's nap time and I'm enjoying my daily routine. Lunch in front of the computer (Yay, both kids are sleeping today! Ella's been boycotting naps). I scrolled down my daily reads and was overwhelmed by this post. My heart repeated 'I GET THAT, I GET THAT' as I read the whole thing. I don't personally know Emery, but she's the first Mom Blog I ever read...six years ago. This post sums up how I've been feeling lately, and it's beautiful

The highs are always higher than the lows. And the tantrums always end. I'm working on staying calm when my kids are not, using a soft voice when I feel like yelling, and remembering to say I forgive you when they apologize to me.

Pictures of our indoor pumpkin patch to come...

All Aboard!

Big sister took Maxwell on a train ride. She's been talking for months about taking him on a brother/sister date so they took a short ride from Paso to San Luis. She talked her boyfriend Zack and Grandma Judie into going too. Ella gets her special date next week.

I bet this is when Maeg asked him what he'd like for his special treat. He told me got to drink apple juice on the "Blue train, like Thomas."

Thanks Maegann! You are a great big sissy.