Thursday, October 27, 2011


The bad news: Got my computer back last night and it's still not working correctly. Bringing it back today. I think my videos from Disneyland are lost, which makes me really sad because I really wanted to put together a short movie for the kids. So now you have to look at a million pictures instead.

The good news: The trip was great. The kids loved it and we got three whole days of uninterrupted time together as a family. It was so fun having Michael with us (we missed little meg). And I know it's about the memories, not the videos or the blog. But I really did want those too.

First ride: Small World.

Dumbo was their FAVORITE of the trip and the ride they keep talking about.

Tigger was the first character they got to meet and touch. Ella was beside herself. She went right up and hugged him. She was so brave and so cute!

Big boy was a little more timid. But at least he had his big brother their for support.

Waiting in line to see Mickey. Ella is having a blast! Right?

Mike and his boys. I know, Maxwell looks like he is pooping.

We made it to Mickey! Ella went right up to him, and Maxwell didn't know what to do with's Mickey!!!

Waiting for the parade to start. These kiddos were up at 4:30 a.m. and somehow they still had SO MUCH ENERGY.

The parade started and Ella waved to everyone.
Day 2: California Adventure. Ella read me her map and told me where we needed to go first.

Maxwell nearly fainted. WOODY!!! And BUZZ!!! Oh man do I hope my videos end up working, because his face when he saw Buzz...the best.

Fake laugh girl.

"It's really high Mom!"

Michael's mini me.
Boardwalk games. Ask Michael what he did to make a random eight year old kid cry.

A Bugs Life. Tons of rides for little kids- with only 5 min. lines! (Although we would have been pissed if the lines were longer because we got on and looked at each other like 'was that really a ride?' But hey, it's  about the kids).

It was wonderful. Our hotel room was perfect, the kids slept well. We made great memories- and if the kids don't remember, Mama took a bazillion pictures to remind them.


rozanny said...

I lost all my little girls newborn pictures in a computer crash! Talk about heart break! Luckily I had printed my favorites and shared a few by email with family so I was able to get some back.

Cristine said...

Looks like a wonderful time together as a family! Love the stories you shared!

Familia Marin said...

I lost some pictures too but what I do now is I downloaded Carbonite it's like an on-line hard drive were you back up everything on your computer and in case your computer crashes well it will still be in your account which you can access from anywere you have internet. The trip looked like fun and I want to take my son who will be two in Dec. but not sure if he will enjoy it or be scared the whole time? We'll see. Thinking of going during Christmas cause I know he will atleast enjoy the lights