Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Going To Disneyland!!!

We are going to DISNEYLAND! Woo hoo! We are so excited to take Maxwell and Ella. They've been talking about going to 'Mickey's House' for a long time now. We have two day park hopper tickets and we leave early Thursday morning. Mike and I can't wait to experience this with the kids. This will be the first two full days off Mike's taken in months. We are looking forward to having him all to ourselves.

Does anyone have any tips for doing amusement parks with toddlers? Please don't say that they are too young to remember it, because we don't care. This is as much for us enjoying their delighted little faces as it is about them. We are 100% aware that this is a go with the flow trip. They may want to do rides, they may not. But I'm certain they're going to love taking it all in.

Let me know any tricks you may have for traveling or amusement parks :) Hotels are always rough for us. The kids both end up wanting to sleep with me and then no one really gets any sleep. I'm hoping they'll be tuckered out from all the excitement and they'll go down easy.


brian, meghan, finley, and adalaide said...

how exciting! is ella into princesses at all yet? finley would die to go! i know how precious those rare days off are. i hope it's a special time for everyone.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

So jealous!! I can't wait to do a Disney cruise in a couple years.

I think as long as you have drinks and snacks they will be fine!!

rozanny said...

That will be so fun! My brother used to live next too DisneyWorld... he said that he loved the backpack leashes for his kids... but they were 2 at the time and both have ADHD (yes, it runs in the family). Yours are probably too old for that. But it does get hot during the day (Course I don't live on the coast like you guys, so it might not seem too hot to you!) so maybe take an umbrella or hats!

Cristine said...

Have fun, enjoy being together as a family and when bedtime comes I am sure the kiddos will be so exhausted they will drift off happily!

Anonymous said...

BEST memories will be made.. Just enjoy every moment.. we tried the nap thing at the hotel .. our kids were always too excited, so we just rode everything till the park closed.. they will sleep when they get tired enough.. you know your kids and what they need.. you will have a great time... and yes, their faces will be PRICELESS... love you all, Aunt Linda