Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

It's Sunday afternoon and my house is quiet. Mike is hard at work for us, another week without a day off, and tomorrow he'll do it all over again. Ella has been going through a new stage. She's started throwing tantrums, hitting and kicking the ground. She's done this a few times in public and I have to remind myself this is normal, my kids are two. I'm just not used to it. I had hoped she'd wake up this morning with a smiley face. She did, but then melted down as I put her in the car for our 'fun adventure day.' She calmed down and we had a great time. In the car I told the kids we were going to get a lot of pumpkins. I wanted to fill our front room with them. I though a lot was five. We came home with more than five. They were so excited. I was so excited. We pushed around this big cart and kept loading it up. Their faces were priceless- huge eyes and careful hands as they contemplated each choice. "One more Mommy?" I just laughed, "Yes! More!"
I'll have to post some pictures of our front room. The farmer told me they'd last through the month...I hope so.

Anyway, it's nap time and I'm enjoying my daily routine. Lunch in front of the computer (Yay, both kids are sleeping today! Ella's been boycotting naps). I scrolled down my daily reads and was overwhelmed by this post. My heart repeated 'I GET THAT, I GET THAT' as I read the whole thing. I don't personally know Emery, but she's the first Mom Blog I ever read...six years ago. This post sums up how I've been feeling lately, and it's beautiful

The highs are always higher than the lows. And the tantrums always end. I'm working on staying calm when my kids are not, using a soft voice when I feel like yelling, and remembering to say I forgive you when they apologize to me.

Pictures of our indoor pumpkin patch to come...


brian, meghan, finley, and adalaide said...

oh man, that really hit home today. i totally cried...happy tears, of course. God is so good!

Anna of IHOD said...

You know my two year old is going through a tantrum phase and it makes me want to lose it sometimes. I miss my sweet boy! However, I realize its them learning how to come into their own, and hopefully if my husband and I persevere with discipline it will help him channel his strong will for good things when he is older! :)