Sunday, October 2, 2011

All Aboard!

Big sister took Maxwell on a train ride. She's been talking for months about taking him on a brother/sister date so they took a short ride from Paso to San Luis. She talked her boyfriend Zack and Grandma Judie into going too. Ella gets her special date next week.

I bet this is when Maeg asked him what he'd like for his special treat. He told me got to drink apple juice on the "Blue train, like Thomas."

Thanks Maegann! You are a great big sissy.


Charbelle said...

soooo fun!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! Something I just noticed with Maxwell and I also noticed this weekend with Audra, they are so less baby and so more little kid, which is bittersweet for real!

GMA Judie said...

I wasn't planning on joining them for the train ride, but I couldn't resist. Max was sooo excited and had such a great time.
I'm very lucky that my family always includes me in the fun stuff.
Love you all<3