Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Mike

Today is Mike's birthday. He's working two hours away and my plan was to go surprise him. The company he is working for usually puts him up in his own hotel room. A month ago the kids and I went up for the night (which was super fun, until we went out to a nice dinner and they were throwing forks and dancing around our chairs and then we went back to the hotel and they fell out of bed because they are in cribs at home and I might have slept a total of two hours the whole night and I cringed because Maxwell ACTUALLY ended up sleeping on the floor between two queen beds and did my mother not teach me anything about hotel germs through those Dateline specials she recorded?! How's that for a run on sentence?)

Anyway, it's just me showing up tonight. But luckily last night he told me that he's sharing a room. Which would have been kind of embarrassing if I didn't know, because I don't think his roommate or I want to sleep in the same room. So I got a nice, beautiful room at a nice, beautiful hotel and I can't wait!
So to Mike, happy birthday. Here's my top three reasons I love you this year:

1. I love that you took over cooking for me this summer. Even after the longest day of work, you often BBQ for me and that makes my night so much easier. And I love when the kids are playing and you and I are sitting in our chairs together by the firelight. It's getting dark and cold now so it's my turn to step up, but I appreciate all the meals theses past months.
2. Thank you for your personal sacrifices this year. You've given up fishing, playing at home with us, you name it-You work so much and you do that for us. Staying at home with the kids is my gift, thank you.
3. I'm not the same. Some thing (lots of things) happen to woman after they have kids, and I'm different now. I'm not talking about my body, although WHEW, things have changed there too. I'm talking emotionally and physically, after a day with our twins, I'm spent. Motherhood has changed me and I'm not the girl I was. I'm crabby and I'm tired. And you still want me. Thank you.

So happy birthday babe. Hope it's a good one.


Cristine said...

Happy Birthday Mike...I know you and Meghan will enjoy having this time alone to celebrate and enjoy each others company!
No more 'crabby face'!!

Little Maeg said...

This is true you have changed! In a good way you were a non crying woman when you came into this family and I dont know if it was motherhood or becoming a Beck that has made you emotional! We love you Dad and hope you had the best birthday ever!

rozanny said...

Can I just say that you guys are a really cute family. I can tell that you love each other very much and that you take good care of all the kids. That's why I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks! And thanks for the comments on mine!