Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feels Like Summer

My Mom has many jobs. During the summer she lives at the pool where she life guards and teaches swim lessons. Yesterday we snuck in for a swim. I took this picture of Maxwell because he was making me laugh so hard. My Mom got him these goggles and he wouldn't take them off. This is him 'lounging' after our swim- goggles still in place.

We had a great time yesterday Mom :)


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Hilarious photo! He's chillaxin! :-)

You lucky dog. It's a good month (or 2) before beach/pool season for me.

Sorry I always complain about our weather in comparison to yours. What do I expect?! blah

Cristine said...

Meg I am so glad you got that shot of true...he would not take them off...they both sure enjoyed the water! So glad we could play in our private Country Club pool!!!

~j~ said...

lol... grandma always knows how to make it fun and he looks like he knows how to enjoy it!
Happy Moms day Meg! You are an amazing Mother.... you learned from the best that's for sure.
love always,