Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday we spent the afternoon playing in favorite. I especially wanted to post these pics because I just found out that I was using an older version of blogger editor. I didn't know that there was an easier way to post large pictures and edit posts. If you use blogger, you probably already know this, but to update just go into your settings tab, then global update editor. So easy.



We played with our adorable friend Landrie. She gave us some pointers on walking and chasing birds.


Cristine said...

So cute...they sure get to go to a beautiful place for playtime with friends! What a mom you are!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute.. always enjoy "catching Up" with the Becks..hope to see you in July!!! Aunt Linda

emily said...

oh my goodness your babies are so darling!

And even EASIER way to post is to download Windows Live Writer {free} and use that to post.

Are you coming here to visit? If so, I hope to see you!