Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo Upload Fix

My problem 'exceeded photo upload' was a result of too many images on Picasa/Picasa Web Albums. I have 168 posts and have been blogging since June of 2008. I love using Picasa because my photo files are super organized and I like the quick edits Picasa allows. During that time I've used 1 GB of google storage. So...I purchased the cheapest option google offered for more space. $5 bucks for 20 GB! To be honest, I would have paid more than that. I've said before, I'm using this blog as my baby book (and publishing it through blurb). I also just enjoy blogging.

So I can now do 20 times the amount that I've already done. For $5.


FluentNSmiles said...

Wow. And I was all worried I'd run out of space. One less worry for me. Thanks Megs. Love ya. :)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Happy New Year. Interesting. From where you buy more space? Kind reagrds.