Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't forget to see the good

I rewrote this post a few times because I needed to get stuff out. But then I realized I couldn't save it. Because I don't know who reads this. And I don't always want to talk about what I write about. Often that's the whole point of writing for me, it's an obvious outlet. I guess I was looking for a way to write down...that I feel guarded and lonely this week. You'd think that would mean I want to talk about it and be around people. But I don't. I suppose this is a bit of a pity party, but there's nothing specific to feel bad about. You ever have those times where your heart just kind of hurts? And then you feel even worse because you look around and there's so much good? I don't know. I'm really fine. In fact, look at what I have to smile about. Ella is really into looking out our bedroom door. She can't wait for this great big world.

And in spite of his two new teeth coming through, Maxwell is sure
one happy boy.

Thank you Lord for my family and all that you've given me. I look around and realize that I am blessed. I know you are with me.


Mrs. Davis said...

Thank you for writing this. I am also having a day where I am feeling really "blah." I just want someone to come over and take my responsibilities so I can sleep :) Anyway, I know things will go back to normal for both of us. We have some beautiful happy babies to keep us going!

~j~ said...

add me to the list too... i understand, thanks for sharing!

FluentNSmiles said...

I feel like that sometimes too. Good for you for choosing to see the positives. I posted a good quote on my blog. Check it out. It really stirred something in me. LOVE you!