Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So Big

Today I tried to upload pictures from our Thanksgiving road trip to Utah...and I thought my computer was crashing and I was losing all our photos. Talk about panic. I figured it out and everything is fine, but our computer is playing nasty tricks on me and I NEED an external hard dive to backup all our media. I realize we need to live in the moment and cherish our memories in our heads and hearts...but I LOVE photographs. I would be heartbroken to lose them. All this to say, I was going to give a recap of our trip but I'm tired so I'll say this. We drove (OK, Mike drove) straight through both ways. The babies did awesome. A little crying but they truly are joyful little munchkins. We were totally welcomed and felt right at home with amazing friends- thank you Barretts! We loved our time together with you and all the kids. Sleeping in the motor home was the hardest part of the trip, but the amazing news...da-da-da...when we got home we decided to FINALLY transition Maxwell into his own bed, and...he is officially sleeping on his own, in his own crib for all naps and bedtime :) :) :). I am afraid to write that because every time I say something out loud I end up contradicting myself, but I have faith that he will continue loving his own bed (and we will continue loving ours! alone!). Tonight will only be the third night, but so far he is only waking up once! BEAUTIFUL.

This is a bit of a jumbled post because I'm sleepy and still nervous about the almost loss of pictures, but I wanted to say hello. And post a few pictures. To show you that they are so big. Seriously big.

Maxwell helps his Dad put bindings on the snowboard
Ella makes silly noises 'da da da da ma ma ma ma' while she blows bubbles
When we go out, they are in high chairs now. High chairs! They're practically ready for a kids menu.

The ultimate Maxwell and Ella treat- In Utah the Barrett's had a big screen TV set up, huge screen, like the movies. Saturday night's special feature for the babies...Baby Einstein! Their FAVORITE.


Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Holy smokes, these are some seriously adorable kidsters!!! Okay, so I can't remember how I hopped over here, but I wanted to let you know that if you change your Blogger template to the standard Minima one, my little sign there will go where it is supposed to be- out of your way. :) Keep up the awesome job! Your blog is so lovely and will be even more wonderful for you and your family in years to come. Take care!

Mrs. Davis said...

Wow, so much new stuff! And congrats on getting Maxwell in his own bed. I remember still waking up at night even after Ollie moved to his own room, I was so used to nursing at night :) Its funny how they finally start sleeping, and then you are the one waking up.