Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nautical Guest Room

Now that we've finished Ella's room, it's fun to think about the rest of the house. Our plan is our bedroom next, then we dream about doing an outdoor covered kitchen/bbq area...which would be so amazing since we love our property and we are out there rain or shine.

But I also daydream about giving our guest room a quick redo. When I became pregnant with the twins, we added a room onto our house for Maegann. It was her senior year of high school and I wanted her to feel like she was getting something special, not getting kicked out of her old room as we made hers the nursery. Mike let me choose the flooring and we put in beautiful dark hardwood, the only real hardwood in our house. Little did I know that these floors show everything, but they are perfect in a guest room. Little Maeg has long since moved out and spread her wings so this room is now dubbed Michael's room (when he comes home) or our guest room. It still has big letters from Urban Outfitters that spell out M E G across one wall. The other wall holds the nails of paintings that she took with her.

The room's fine as it is but here's my vision for it someday...hints of nautical without being too theme y.

Got to start with oars, above the bed

Or maybe above the dresser...

And sweet words in pretty frames...

 Throw some rope in a bowl...

Frame a BIG vintage map like this, or a fishing map would be cool

I'd keep the bedding all white or do a stripped duvet in yellow, navy or gray

Mike already drywalled and textured the walls, which look really good, but how cool would wide planked walls be painted white?

Thank you pinterest for keeping me up too late.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I love love love nautical!! I was just at TJ Maxx and they have a ton of kitchy nautical home accents right now. If you are near a TJ Maxx go!!

I love dark hardwood floors but I know what you mean. Dust shows like crazy.

Our wood floors are so beat up and ugly but we don't own the place and the kids are so rough with their riding toys. It's almost better this way.

rozanny said...

I love the rope in a bowl. That's just neat.