Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Birthday Part 1

Now that I'm older birthday's aren't usually a big deal. I love to celebrate, but my birthday's now measured by how excited my kids get to help me blow out candles. Well, this year (32) I got a super fun surprise. Cue my dysfunctional/happy stepson Michael was home from New York for Christmas. Some of his friends from LA, who we love, came home to visit for part of the break as well. So Michael's Mom (my husband's ex wife), arranged a fabulous day of wine tasting in a ginormous limo for my birthday/Michael being home/family and friends. I didn't know the details, which made it all the more fun for me. We had such a great time and I felt totally spoiled. We live within 15 minutes of this beautiful wine country.

I can't be sure but this has got to be a posed fake laugh...

Little Maeg and I died of happiness when we discovered these bread sicks

What? Mike drinking wine? He was over the wine pretty quick, but he was a trooper for the day

Our only family photo and it was blurry

Michael and Maeg's mom Jennifer, me, my mother in law and little Maeg

I'm thankful that this works for us~


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

What a lucky girl you are!! Happy belated birthday. Oh to be as young as you are again!! :-)

I didn't know you were so close to wine country. How fun!!

Nuha said...

looks like you guys had a blast! happy birthday!

rozanny said...

Happy Birthday!

Earnestine Novick said...

I love how all of you had a blast on your birthday! What a kind gesture from Jennifer. And you looked divine and blooming on your very special day, Meghan. ;D Why don’t you give a Jacuzzi limousine a try for you and Michael’s own special day together? What do you say?

Earnestine Novick

Victoria said...

Oh Megan, this looks like such a fun party:) Happy Birthday!!!

Evan Blake said...

What a curious family! Although I guess what matters most is that you all get along, right? I think it's really sweet that you were able to spend the day with the whole family. Plus, it's very fun of Jennifer to have surprised you with a ginormous limo ride. I'm sure it was a great birthday. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing all the fun with us, Meg! All the best to you! :)

Evan Blake @ Antique Limo Of Indy