Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

A couple days late...

Mom, You're amazing. You have such a selfless heart you are always looking for ways to bless others. I wrote this post last year and the words only get more and more appropriate, THANK YOU. It sounds too simple, but I hope I take care of my family like you take care of us. I love you.


The kids and I spent the night at my parents while Mike was working out of town. 

Chocolate face

The kids had a tea party with Nonnie

I got to sneak away with my Crystal for drinks and dinner. Crystal's one of my oldest friends and being with her makes me so happy, she's like family to me. AND, she just had a new baby girl.

Nothing like brownies in PJs. We sang to my Mom and Maxwell kept whispering to me, "Where's the party?" He was so disappointed that my Dad, Mike and my brothers weren't there to celebrate. Hard to explain to a three year old why they have to be at work.


Cristine said...

Thanks was the best birthday I could have had!! I loved the time I had with kids as we enjoyed our traditions of making homemade pizza and hot air popcorn!
Their hand picked birthday gifts are true treasures to me!

Cristine said...

PS, thank you for such kind words about me!! You truly bless my heart and put a smile in my face!

lindaroo said...

Yep, your mom's the best. Did she tell you she came to my rescue, and picked me up at the SLO airport when all my family couldn't? Then we had dinner together and a great time visiting. She makes my heart glad, too!