Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ella's Big Girl Room

I've been wanting to post pictures of Ella's room for awhile now, but I was waiting for it to be 100% done. We are still working on creating a cushion and pillows for her window seat (it's huge!), we need to switch her dresser with a taller, white dresser in Maxwell's room, and my mother in law is making some beautiful lace balls to hang with the poms she did in the bay window. But it's a lazy, rainy day so I'm posting the room as is.

I use a Canon Powershot, a simple point and shoot, but something is funky with the setting because all my pictures are coming out really grainy and kind of blurry?

 Click here for the 'before pictures'

Ella's Big Girl Room...

Paint- Sherwin Williams Front Porch, it's really pretty pale gray

This was the big window seat I got Mike to build. He did such a good job, this puppy is huge! See how we can tuck all her junk  treasures underneath? We lost floor space but Ella spends lots of time playing on top. This has become her favorite spot to play dollhouse. It will be super comfy once we finish the cushion.

The bed frame is a Craigslist find from Gma Judie, painted white.

Little details...
An old window painted white and embellished with liquid chalk. We can draw and erase. She's really into Tinkerbell right now so we've got a quote from Peter Pan. 

I love this wall. My mother in law had these old frames for me. They were spray painted an antiqued white. The prints were either etsy or free printables via pinterest. 

Ella's bedding is my favorite part. I found it two summer's ago and tucked it away for her big girl room. Target's Rachel Ashwell shabby chic bedding.

My girl popping in to ask me why I'm taking pictures in her room.

Craigslist night stand.

Cuite pie.

Favorite, faithful horse.

Fabric bunting, etsy, here.

Free vintage printable via pinterest, here

Other etsy prints found, here, here, and here

I wasn't ready to tuck this suit away. I used hot glue over fabric in a frame and displayed it over a photo of Ella wearing the same suit at the beach.

That's it! Wish my camera wasn't so blurry.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

So much to say! Keira wore that same swimsuit last year. You have inspired me to do something cute with it.

I love everything about this room. It's so pretty! That bedding totally makes it.

Ella is so beautiful. Just like her mama!

I need to get a big girl bed for Keira. She is in a toddler bed in our room b/c she's too afraid to sleep upstairs by herself. :-(

Cristine said...

Awe Meg what an sweet room for Ella to enjoy all her dreams in. Mike sure is a good carpenter, that window seat amazing, Gma Judie's touch is perfect and your ideas and shopping deals put it all together! Does Ella's pony have a name?

rozanny said...

So cute!

CharisFaith said...

Her room looks so wonderful!!! I really wish we could put something together for Audra!

bandofbrothers said...

so fun! love your liquid chalk pen!