Monday, November 5, 2012

Final Halloween Post

One final post to jot down memories of this Halloween with three year olds.

 - Ella was fearless and assertive as she marched right up to every door.
 - Both kids kept forgetting what to say. The door would open and they'd just stare.
-  Maxwell liked the idea of Trick or Treating, but he was devastated at his 'treats.' Before the door would
    even shut he'd turn to us with a disgusted look and say, 'Chocolate?! Again?!' Maxwell does not like
-  They both loved their costumes. This morning they told me that next year they want to be
    Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and his lady friend Clarise. Um, adorable. But I'm sure they'll change
    their minds. By next week.


 Fine Ella, this is the last picture.

Just a glimpse of Maxwell's face after another disappointing 'treat.'

"Mom, they gave me princess treats but I'm a boy. Why they not give licorice?"

Licorice and lollipops are the only candy boy likes. Ella was all too happy to take care of his chocolate.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Those are the same candies Henry will eat. Maybe chocolate is a girl thing?

I laughed so hard at that picture with Ella giving you the evil eye. Keira is always scolding me "No more pictures!!"

CharisFaith said...

LOL Ella's face is so priceless!!! Maxwell's reaction to the chocolate was just too cute!!!