Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Boy. Again.

I'm going to take this phase as 'it's about time.' My kids aren't perfect, nor is our parenting, but they've been pretty darn easy. So when they're not, it throws me. The past week and a half Maxwell has been acting out in new ways. Not fun. Hitting and crying/yelling until he works himself into a rage. He gets his little body so worked up it's very hard to calm him down. At home his safe place is his room. I either put him there or he goes himself and he calms down until he's ready to come out and be kind. But we've had a couple of incidents outside of the home this past week, not as easy for either of us to handle.

It's a phase and hopefully it'll pass soon. In the meantime, Ella remains calm and consistent. From birth I've found that these twins balance our home. Just when I think one is 'the quiet one,' 'the cranky one,' 'the silly one,'...they switch on us. Of course they have their own personalities and uniqueness  but when it comes to one needing more attention, they seem to know and the other becomes cooperative and self sufficient. I know that sounds crazy, but when one is being particularly naughty or needing attention (like when the other is sick), they seem to just behave.

Right now Maxwell is taking most of my patience and attention while little Vita happily goes about her day. Two weeks from now it will probably change. And thank goodness for that. If you're reading this, please send a prayer of patience for me and a prayer of self control and obedience for our boy. Because tonight especially, we both need it :)


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Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Sending a prayer for you!

Keira had a time out this morning already. She refused to get dressed for school so I put her in her room until she was ready.

There were lots of tears.

Being a mom is not easy is it? But it's all worth it when they are sweet and give you a hug. ;-) Hang in there!!