Monday, November 26, 2012

NEVER Stay At The Excalibur Hotel And Casino, Las Vegas

On our way to Utah we stayed one night in Vegas to break up the drive. While staying at the Excalibur, we were robbed in our room while we were sleeping. I posted this review this morning on TripAdvisor and Yelp:

WORST hotel experience I have ever had. We were robbed while we were sleeping in our room and the hotel told us it is our fault. The Excalibur's customer service has been disgusting.

We stayed in Vegas for one night on a Thanksgiving road trip and chose Excalibur because we thought our little kids would like it. The room was cheap but they charged us some extra hotel fee of $15 on the phone (through the hotel directly) and also an additional $17 when we arrived. After checking in we found our room dingy and dark but didn't think much of it. We played with our 3 1/2 year old twins in the arcade and after dinner went to our room for the night.

Our older daughter (21 yrs) and her boyfriend (23) were on this road trip with us and didn't arrive from out of town until 12 30 am bc they had worked that day in California. When they arrived at 12 30 we were obviously sleeping and they knocked on the door, we gave them hugs and they went to sleep in the bed next to us. The room was stuffy so kept the AC unit on. It was very old and LOUD. We woke up at 6 the next morning to the bathroom light on (which we had specifically turned off). My husband's wallet was on the ground opened, with his cash gone. My daughter's boyfriend's wallet was put back into his pants on the floor by the bed and his $200 cash was also gone.

When we spoke to the hotel they connected us with their 'risk management department' they informed us that this happens. They said that people roam the halls and push open doors. They told us that because we didn't deadbolt the door (which we usually do but it was overlooked bc it was so late), and we didn't put our cash in the safe, they were not responsible. We spoke with many managers that day and on the phone in the days following. We filed a police report at the Vegas PD.

The main problems I have are,
1. Their doors don't work properly. Multiple people in risk management (security) and in hotel management told us that their doors don't always lock automatically and you have to pull the door and lift the handle to make sure it close. I will always use the deadbolt in future hotel stays anywhere, but I don't believe this makes a robbery our fault.

They have unsafe, faulty doors and they have no plan to fix them. Knowing that this happens, they still do not have security cameras in the tower we stayed in (tower 1), nor do they have security officers on the floors monitoring the safety of their guests- even though they admitted that they have had intruders in the past.

And using the safe? I understand that it is wise to lock up extra cash when leaving the room. But I do not accept that it is our fault that our money was stolen while we were in our room with our children asleep. I get sick thinking that whoever this was could also have take our little twins out of bed and kidnapped them.

2. We have received no apology or compensation at all. Money is money. It was $400 dollars lost, but this is about so much more than that. From the beginning we were dismissed and given the run around. We had woken up early that morning to get back on the road to finish our drive to get to our Thanksgiving vacation. While my husband met with security and management we stood with the little kids and waited. And waited. And waited. No one once offered to comp the room while they looked into it. No one offered breakfast vouchers for us to feed the kids. So while it was not initially about the money, I now feel it's personal and I'm furious.

We have spoken on the phone to all the people mentioned above and after reviewing our case, we were told they do not take responsibility and the incident is our fault. I don't accept this and we have been in contact with their corporate office, though I don't imagine we will ever get back what we lost.

I'm still very unsettled that there was someone in our room, going through our things while we slept. I get anxious thinking about someone taking our little ones and in some ways I'm thankful we didn't wake up because I don't know what would have happened if my husband or daughter's boyfriend would have caught the person.

The Excalibur has shown no regard for our well being as guests and I STRONGLY advise against anyone ever staying there. The allure of an inexpensive rate is not worth your safety.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Holy Crap. That is beyond scary!! I am so glad that you are trying to get some sort of acknowledgement for what happened. I would be so freaked out that someone was in our room with small kids there too.

I'm glad you are all OK and I will never stay at the Excalibur (again). I did stay there 6 years ago and I remember it being dark and dismal but I was only in my room to sleep. YIKES!!!

And what assholes for making you wait like that.

rozanny said...

No kidding! That would scare me more than anything to have kids in the room while it was being robbed. I'm glad that you're all okay.

Bethany said...

OH my gosh! Praise the Lord nothing else happened. You had your guardian angels watching over you. So unsettling, I know what its like to get something taken from you. But I can't even believe they didn't apologize. So unacceptable. Continue to fight this, they need to take responsibility. So thankful you are all ok!

Anonymous said...

Why can't you just shut your fucking door, you stupid cunt?