Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Traditions

This past week I've been especially aware of my part in shaping our kid's memories. It's up to Mike and I to teach them what Christmas is about. Honestly, I've had to be really intentional about not just talking about Santa. I want them to know about Jesus' birth and the spirit of giving, but Santa's everywhere and it's been easy to explain. We have a few nativity scenes they play with so they have a reminder, but most of our Christmas music and books are all about presents and Santa. Which I'm not saying is a bad thing, I just want to remember not to make that the only part of Christmas.

Our excitement is contagious to them and they are at such a sweet age that they just accept all the magic, no questions asked. I was hesitant to pull out our Elf On The Shelf because I didn't know how to explain the silly thing, thank goodness for the book. Part of me was prepared for them to question and doubt, but they're only three. And they loved it. We had a fun weekend carrying on our  family Christmas traditions.

It's been  raining for days (don't roll your eyes Hill), but we ventured out into the wet anyway. And somehow, on our thirty minute outing to cut down our tree the sky stopped for us. This was the first year since I've known Mike that Maeg wasn't with us to cut the tree down...sorry Maegann! You were missed.


The Elf On The Shelf rang our doorbell Sunday morning. Fun 'special delivery' free printable for all things from the North Pole found here

Maxwell and Ella named him Dasher. Until later that day when they decided that he was a she and her name was Prancer. Poor Ella was dying to hold her. But the book says kids can't hold the Elf or the magic will wear off. Maybe so they don't lose it or fight over it. When I read her that her eyes got big and she was OK. The conversations I've overheard between Max and Ella have been hilarious. They get the concept of the Elf watching their behavior. Maxwell called Ella a 'beety butt.' I don't know what that is, but it's a common insult between the kids. I always correct them saying that the word butt is not nice. Ella told Maxwell that Prancer the Elf heard him and Maxwell quickly back peddled and stood in front of Prancer, but pretended not to look at her, and said to Ella, "No Ella, what I meant was don't fall on your beety butt because it would hurt and I'm your best friend and I don't want you to get hurt." Uh uh. Clever little fellow.
Mike set up the train with the kids. This was Mike's when he was a boy. It's a really cool antique train with steel tracks.


And last night, carrying on with the train theme, we watched the Polar Express. They didn't remember it from last year and they had soooo many questions. Actually, Ella had so many questions. Maxwell only piped in every once in awhile to say, "This parts not scary, right Mom?" Which means he was almost feeling scared. But they liked it.

When I say that we watched it, what I mean was I started watching it with them but then ran back and forth between the living room with the kids and our bedroom where Mike and I watched the season Finale of Boardwalk Empire, my favorite show. Thank goodness for pause of the DVR. 

And the weekend ended with sweet dreams. We went to my parents on Saturday and my Mom found an old stuffed reindeer of mine for Ella. You know how there are some things from your childhood that you can totally remember? This reindeer is one of them. When I picked her up to show Ella it brought me way back and I can actually remember cuddling and loving it. Like Ella does now.

It's been days since our trees been up but it only has two ornaments on it so far. It's been kind of fun dragging everything out. I guess that's why we did it so early, so we can enjoy it all month.


CharisFaith said...

It is so much fun to see Christmas through little people's eyes! LOL Beetle Butt, that was some good backpeddling!!!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

This is so weird but Keira picked up the insult "Beety Butt" at school. Is this some secret swear word only kids know? I'm kinda laughing my pants off right now?!

You are making me want to get the Elf on the Shelf. I didn't get one yet. I know Keira will beg me to play with it too...

Also I need to rent the Polar Bear Express!!!