Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tablet For Kids?

I want to get the kids some sort of tablet for Christmas.That's their main gift. I initially thought we'd get the Leap Pad 2 but the games are so expensive. I'm wondering if it would be worth getting a cheaper tablet that can be online to download apps and games for free. This way they could also do Nick Jr or Disney Jr online...YouTube Mike The Knight when I want them to be quiet (most of tablets I've looked at have parental controls for the Internet, as in you can actually plug in the few websites that they can go to). I've reviewed every possible kid tablet. In fact I've read so many reviews that I'm totally confused. The Meep, The Kurio, The Nabi, The Tabeo...on and on. So I go back to the Leap Pad, which is totally simple. But once I were to buy the case and games it would be the same price as buying something like a Kindle Fire-without any of the perks of the web. But I'd need a super rubbery protective case that's kid proof.

Many of the reviews I've read say kids don't need these, they need to run and play outside and use crayons inside. My kids do a lot of that too. I'm all about moderation and balance. So I have no problem with my kids watching TV or using technology. Maxwell and Ella LOVE using my Mom and my mother in laws ipads. They learn a ton with math, shapes, letters, etc.

Do any of you Moms have specific recommendations about the Leap Pad or any tablet? Any personal experience with your kids using them?



Robin Lee said...

Ryan has an IPAD and it is great. She got hers for school...as an augmentative communication device, but has many other great programs that help her learn to write, count, spell and learn about money.

She LOVES to take pictures of herself with it. It is great!!

Leanne said...

Just wanted to share this cool thing... a friend of mine and her husband invented this and it is very cool and perfect for kids if you end up getting a regular tablet :)

Davidbro said...

I havent heard much about the other tablets but you cant go wrong in the long run with an IPAD!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

We got Henry an IPAD last year for Christmas. It has helped him so much. There are so many apps to teach words, language, numbers, etc. Plus it keeps him from doing other repetitive behaviors. It's a lifesaver.

Get 2 mini IPADS!!! Tons of FREE apps.