Monday, November 15, 2010

Room Makeovers: Nursery to Toddler

When I found out I was finally pregnant I immediately became obsessive excited about decorating a nursery (along with choosing names). It was kind of like dress shopping after I got engaged, the tangible part I could search for and see while waiting months and months for the big day to come. I loved everything about Maxwell and Ella's nursery. It was easy finding neutral pieces because that's how I decorate the rest of my home. My stepdaughter, little Maegann, moved into a special room we built for her, and the babies took her old room right by ours. Once Maxwell and Ella were born, they both slept in our room for the first three months but they would nap in their nursery, sharing one crib. I had this really sweet idea that they would sleep together until they were ten because-oh my gosh they shared a womb and how could they be separated? But in actuality, Maxwell slept in between Mike and I for NINE MONTHS. Ella was always a great sleeper and she would snooze away, in her room, while Maxwell nursed through the night. Once I reclaimed my boobs and decided it was time for him to sleep on his own, he obviously still woke up at night as he was transitioning. I was so frustrated when he woke her up. The next day we put Maxwell's crib in our guest room, directly across the hall from their nursery (now called Ella's room). It has been working fine but other than his crib and a few toys hidden in one corner, it's not a kids room. So...we are going to take make it one. We plan to take out the queen bed and work to make it Maxwell's. I am so excited for the thought of having more space. I want a table for them to sit and color, a space to play blocks and trains, Max's own dresser, etc. With the extra room we can organize Ella's room and transition them into functional toddler rooms. (And  it's just really fun to decorate and make our home nicer). We are fortunate that they haven't started crawling out of their cribs yet but I anticipate needing toddler beds soon. But I'm actually terrified of that. I'm afraid they'll just get out of bed and never fall asleep. So they are in their cribs for now. Anyway, here's a look at the rooms so far...

(Before): The nursery as little Meg's old room
(After): Maxwell and Ella's Nursery
Cribs: Target, from Gma Judie
Bumpers and crib skirts: Pottery Barn
Crib Sheets: Baby Gap
Polka dot and stripped canvas storage: Pottery Barn
Personalized baby pillows: Restoration Hardware, from Aunt Julie
Sweet baby blankets: homemade by Aunt Tanya
Rocker: Kid Kraft from Nonni
Dresser: JC Penny catalog
Letter initials: Restoration Hardware
Frames: Aaron Brothers
Paint: Tree Branch by Sherwin Williams
How funny is it that I remember all of that off the top of my head? It was a fun project.



Note the overflow of pink on Ella's shelf...





Twenty months later, this is how it looks. Not too bad. On the downside, the carpets have stains, I need a storage system to organize toys, and it bugs me that I still haven't painted their rockers white.

This corner under the bay windows is such a pretty area. I'd love for it to not look so cluttered. Once we finish other projects around the house, Mike's promised to put in a seating bench under the three windows. Won't this look pretty and be such a good way to hide toys? Even as Ella grows I can see her using the window seat for lounging and reading...

A year and a half later and the closet is still Ella's. What? Girl clothes are cuter. Sorry, they just are. And we have darling girl handmedowns from cousin Charli. Do you like how I used wrapping paper to cover Pampers boxes to use as my laundry baskets?

Here is a dark picture of our guest room/Maxwell's crib.
It's funny because the bedspread is in the motor home and we have a curtain hanging as the closet doors. Honestly? I almost went out to find the comforter to make the room look prettier just because I wanted you all to think my guest room is nice. But that's not real life. This is really how it looks. And the green color? Looks atrocious in this picture. I actually don't mind it so much but now that I see it with new eyes I for sure want to paint in here to make it brighter.
With an ugly pile of toys tucked in the corner.
With Max's Woody and baby.

So that's that. If you're still reading, wow. A lot of words and pictures to say that we're going to update the kids' rooms. Hopefully in the next month I'll be just as excited to post 'after' pictures.


Charbelle said...

So fun to update and make these rooms their own!! Looking forward to the next round of pictures!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Ella is one of my favorite names ever! :) WHAT a beautiful nursery! HOW exciting :)

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Can't wait to see the after pictures!! SO jealous about all the space you have. :-)

bethany said...

This is what I live for!! Here's some inspiration for you Meghan, have fun!!

~j~ said...

Wow, thank you for the tour! That was soo fun. Love your eye Meg! No doubt the after pictures will be just as stunning. Have fun!