Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I have to say, without a camera, it's nowhere near as fun to blog. But here's what's been going on, text version...

* Thanksgiving was great. We had fabulous company and I learned preparing the meal is what you make of it. I did super simple, and it was super easy.
* We LOVED having Michael home. I have to say, the highlight of the holiday was having all four of our kids home together. Hearing them all in the nursery laughing  is about the best sound this house has ever heard. The little ones adore 'Mae-me' and 'Mikey.' 
* We emptied out Maxwell's room, minus the crib, and it's ready for paint. Operation toddler room in session.
* I am dying to Christmas shop. There is something I just have to get in every email promo and catalog I see. Some women hate shopping. I love it.
* Ella is really into jumping onto Maxwell's back, pretending he's a horse, and yelling 'neigh!' This happened in the bath today. I kind of felt like I should tell them to stop but they were both laughing and it was pretty funny. Creepy?
* We had family pictures taken and the little kids cried 98% of the shoot. That should make for a good Christmas card.
* Maxwell is being really silly. He is talking a ton and loves to show off when we have company. I love this age. The other day I found both of them in the dryer. Literally, they had climbed into the dryer. Don't think I wouldn't have taken that picture if I had my camera.
* Ella is going through separation anxiety of some sort. She cries for me often and just wants to be held. I love holding my girl but I hope it passes soon.
* Mike has hinted at a really fun birthday trip for me in January...it's funny how our ideas of fun change. I can't wait!

I think that's it. Wish I had a picture. Because I love to look at my kids. Vain, I know.


Bethany said...

Love the debrief of whats going on! Are we going to see you at xmas? We are in town Dec 24-27! Love you!!!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

That is so cute about Max riding Ella like a horse!!

It's so hard to get family pictures. The babies ALWAYS seem to hate it. :-)