Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mom's Bed

Growing up, we always loved my Mom's bed. Of course, it was Dad's bed too, but we always called it Mom's bed. Even at Nana's or Blano's, there was something comforting about climbing up on the big bed. There still is. So today I add lazy mornings to one of the billion reasons that I'm thankful to stay home right now. These days Max and Ella get up around 5:15 (early when you have nowhere to be), BUT it's also one of the sweetest times of the day. Mike is up getting ready for work and they call out from their cribs. With their eyes still closed they demand 'milk pees.' Mike gets them their milk and delivers them to our soft, cozy bed then heads out the door for a long day of work (Thank you! Thank you!) Warm inside the house, we pull up the covers and turn on Timmy Time. This is the good stuff.

Is it just me, or is Ella starting to look like Justin Bieber? Nice hair baby girl!


Charbelle said...

Such great pictures!!! I think it's kinda funny Max is the one holding the baby doll. They are just too sweet!!! They wake up at 5:15 every day? WOW!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

We do the same thing except at night! After they have their baths and are in their pj's we all climb in bed and watch a kids show together. It's my favorite time of day and a slice of heaven!!!

Maggie May said...

so sweet. such gorgeous, happy faces.

Band of Brothers said...

Your babies are toooooooo cute! twins. wow. what an adventure! and yes, they wake up a tad early. that is rough. you have a great attitude though. i die when mine wake up at 7.

love the photos!