Thursday, November 4, 2010

Talking. Kind Of.

The babies kids jabber a lot, mostly one word at a time, and it makes me laugh. Maxwell brought me my bra the other day and said, 'boobies.' What?! Whenever Ella asks for her Dad during the day, she says 'Da Da? Wik' (work). They are smart cookies, these two.

My friend Tara was singing Ring Around The Rosey to her boys and mine loved it. Now I sing it for them, and as with every good thing, they insist 'more, more.'

Note: Ignore my singing voice. Check out how Maxwell takes Ella out at the end. This happens every time. We're working it.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

So cute!! Keira is starting to talk too (and she's actually teaching things to Henry). It's a beautiful thing. :-)

bethany said...

leave it to your son to already know exactly what the bra is for!

Oh, the things kids become aware of; just last week poppy walked in on me inserting a tampon - "Mom, what are you doing?" "Well, child..."