Friday, February 4, 2011

Work and Cookies

Mike only has to work for a few hours this morning so he took Maxwell with him. Big boy put on his tractor shirt from Lily and gathered his tools. The boys hit the road and Ella and I are eating cookies. I think we've got the good end of this deal. As soon as I'm dressed we're heading to Staples AGAIN to finally have our computer fixed. I've been using Mike's laptop and I miss having all my photos in their folders. My media card reader isn't working and this morning the computer wouldn't even boot. Dear computer, please be fixable!

Ella keeps looking at the window and saying, "Bye Max! Max work." Ah, they're growing up. Happy 23 months Maxwell and Ella.


mike and hillary said...

you look so pretty. i think our laptop died for good today. boo. hope yours is fixed!

Victoria said...

Your kids are so adorable, and yes, having a mommy-daughter cookie date would always be a sweet end of the deal in my book!