Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Please Take Time To Read

This is the third year that my stepson Michael has done this amazing ride.This year is particularly special because it is the 10th anniversary of Aids/LifeCycle and Michael has committed to raise $10,000! Please check out his rider homepage and share your support for this great cause!  

We love you Michael. We're proud of this amazing commitment you've made!

(borrowed from Michael's site...)
 Dear Friends and Family,
I can't explain to you the feeling of having riden 545 miles and crossing that finish line into LA knowing that you have made a difference in thousands of peoples lives. In some cases even saving people's lives. From beginning to end this ride is a journey of lifetime.
I'm so excited to be participating in the 10th Anniversary of AIDS/LIFECYCLE!! This will be my 3rd time doing the ride and I know every year it just gets better and better. Because it is the 10th Anniversary I have commited to be a part of a very special club of riders; the 10 for 10 Club!! That means that I have committed to raising $10,000.00!!!
It is with your help that I can reach this goal. I know that so may of you are personally affected by HIV/AIDS in one way or another and together we will win the fight. Your donation is going to ensure that thousands of people will continue to have access to their HIV/AIDS meds and more research will be done in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
I'm asking you to really dig deep this year and give beyond what you can to help us have the biggest year the ride has ever seen. Your donation is tax deductable.
Please, please, please donate today!!

Much love,
Michael Beck
Participant #1657


Cristine said...

Congratulations Michael on making this your 3rd ride...545 miles with LOTS of hills between SF and LA!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Michael! i donated for you :) maybe someday we'll actually meet :)

Anonymous said...

oh - anonymous = Michelle Hackney :)

FluentNSmiles said...

Way to go Michael! That is amazing.